Monday, 28 September 2015


I've always tried to pride myself on having no regrets, I've always said that I've done things my way and that's been the only way for me, I've often not taken advice because I've been adamant that I need to make my own mistakes. But I'm nearly 25 and I've finally realised that there are probably some times when I should have taken advice...

I wish I'd gone out more - Freshers week should be the time in your life when you can just go out every single night and not feel one bit of guilt about it, however I was on tablets for a latent form of tuberculosis which meant that I couldn't drink any alcohol at all so Freshers was a bit of a drag for me because it was like being at work; being surrounded by drunk people while I was totally sober. Even after I came off the tablets I didn't really go out much because I felt totally out of my comfort zone, I'd put weight on and I just didn't feel confident at all, which brings me to my second point...

I wish I'd never put weight on - Obviously we all know how nice pizza and chocolate tastes but when it becomes your staple diet along with copious amounts of red bull and full sugar coke, obviously your waistband is going to suffer. I put on 2 stone between September and December 2009 and I just kept putting more and more weight on as the years went by. It made me unhappy, I totally lacked confidence and I basically became a hermit for 3-4 years until I eventually started Slimming World in 2013. I know everything happens for a reason but I really do wish I'd not put all that weight on, I would have probably gone out more and I wouldn't be left with horrid stretch marks!

I wish I'd had braces - When I was 13 I was told that I needed braces, which was fine but the only snag was that I would need 4 teeth out. The thought of having teeth out without just a local anaesthetic absolutely scared the living daylights out of me but now in my adult life I really wish I'd have got some braces when I was young and now I'd have nice straight teeth. Instead, I now really need to consider paying to have something like Invisalign braces from the Centre for Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire to correct my teeth because I don't think normal braces would look great in adult life!

I wish I'd concentrated more at college - I could have definitely got better grades at college which would have stood me in a position to apply for better university courses. I really wanted a B in History but instead I ended up with a C because I was lazy and didn't concentrate anywhere near as much as I should have; I never really revised and just did the bare minimum really.

I wish I'd done a different degree - Retail Marketing Management is all well and good but I feel like it restricts me so much now as to what jobs I can consider doing. Although I learned a lot of transferable skills during the course I wish I'd have had more time to think about it and thought about it in a more rational way to give me more options. If I could do it all again I'd probably do a History degree because I'd now love to be able to teach it but alas! I can't because I don't have the right degree!

Are there any things you wish you'd have done differently?

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Sunday, 27 September 2015


You may remember that way back in January I confessed that I had a massive crush on Denzel Washington and because one of his most famous films was on TV the other night I decided I wanted bring you 3 of the best films I've ever seen which just happen to have the man himself as the leading role.

Flight (£3.00, Amazon- The beginning of this film puts Denzel's character, Whip Whitaker, into a less than favourable light as he wakes up next to a very attractive young lady, snorts a line of coke and steps out of his hotel room in his pilot uniform. Using drink and drugs to feel 'level headed' he sets off on a fateful journey from Orlando to Atlanta when the plane malfunctions and he is forced to make a crash landing which, however skilful, still ends in the loss of life and serious injury. His blood is tested and comes back positive for alcohol and drugs so the investigation begins to determine whether Whip will serve a sentence in prison for manslaughter. Strangely enough, this also turns into a bit of a love story too, it's well worth a watch (even though Piers Morgan manages to get his head in at one point!). For all you Netflixers it's on there for your Denzel viewing pleasure.

Man on Fire (£3.00, Amazon) - This was probably the first film I watched with good old Denz in it and I remember absolutely crying my eyes out. If you've never heard of it, it's centred around the kidnapping of a young girl in Mexico City and Denzel plays the role of John Creasy, an ex-CIA agent who lost his way in life, who was hired to protect her . When she's taken he sets upon killing each and every person who was involved in her kidnapping. It's a classical gritty, good vs. bad kind of film that tugs at your heart strings on more than one occasion. Rotten Tomatoes have only rated it 2/5 so I can only come to the conclusion that they have no idea what they're on about. 

The Equalizer (£5.00, Amazon- I think this one has to take the title for my favourite ever Denzel Washington film. Released in 2014, he plays a somewhat mysterious character with a form of OCD and an apparent sleeping problem who meets a working girl who he quickly realises is involved with set of Russian gangsters. You can imagine how the story goes as he goes from a quiet reserved man to showing off his particular set of skills to help the girl out of her situation and bring the Russians to justice. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout and ends in the most spectacular way, involving Denzel and a set of DIY tools. 

Do you have a favourite Denzel Washington film?

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Saturday, 26 September 2015


Who doesn't love a good onion bhaji, especially on a Saturday night?! There are obviously healthier choices on an Indian takeaway menu but there is a way that you can be 100% Syn free but still enjoy Indian food. For your main meal you could have a Slimming World Chicken Tikka Ready Meal and either as a side or a starter you could have some of this onion bhaji loaf with a yoghurt and mint dip...

Onion Bhaji Loaf
- 1 tin of Asda 'Chosen by You' Chickpea Dahl (make sure it's Asda, don't substitute it without checking the Syns first because some brands are quite high in Syns!)
- 1 Packet of Bachelors Mild Curry Savoury Rice (if you can find the old style packaging in somewhere like Pound World or B&M Stores buy that, otherwise the new version which you'll find in normal supermarkets is actually 1.5 syns for the pack)
- 3 onions, sliced
- 3 eggs

- Cook the rice as directed on the packet
- In the meantime fry the onion in Fry Light until soft & pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees
- Beat 3 eggs and add the Chickpea Dahl and rice and mix together
- Transfer into a loaf tin and put in the middle of the oven for 40 mins
- Slice and serve (you can eat it warm or cold!)

Yoghurt & Mint Dip
- Fat free natural yoghurt
- Colman's Fresh Garden Mint Concentrate

- To be honest you can experiment and do this to your own taste, I just emptied the pot of yoghurt into a ramekin and added the mint concentrate to taste.

As I say you can eat the onion bhaji loaf hot or cold so it's perfect to serve as part of a meal or as a something to snack on, I enjoy it either way and it's so easy to make which is a bonus!

Is Onion Bhaji Loaf something you'll be trying?

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Friday, 25 September 2015


Perricone MD has been a brand that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while now, so when I finally got to try something from their No Makeup Skincare range I was proper excited to see what it was like. 

The idea behind the No Makeup Skincare range is that it isn't about just putting a blanket colour on top of your skin, it's about giving you a better version of your own skin by brightening and diffusing imperfections. It's versatile enough to be able to use to conceal, prime and highlight whilst also providing a high factor of sun protection (SPF 35).

Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer* £29.00 (Beauty Expert)

It comes in a simple but classic metallic looking tube with a traditional doe-foot applicator, Perricone MD is all about the science behind good products rather than presenting them in fussy packaging and I think this reflects that perfectly. 

The first thing that strikes me about this concealer is that it has quite a strong smell to it which I'm not used to in makeup products; it smells medicated but that does disappear when you've applied it. The consistency is silky and not too thick so it is perfect for using around the eyes and on spots which may have gone a bit dry. The fact that it's 'one fits all' won't appeal to everyone obviously but for my skin colour it's pretty good, I just can't use it for highlighting because I don't think it's light enough. 

I actually have found that my favourite use for this is as an eye primer, because it's silky smooth and provides a really good base for eye shadow. I have tried it for covering blemishes but the coverage just isn't enough for me especially when I'm having a bad day although as I say it works brilliantly around the eyes for dark circles and also for concealing minor imperfections. 

It's by no means cheap at £29.00 but it's skincare and anti-ageing properties makes it much more than a regular concealer and it's versatile enough to do a number of different jobs in your makeup routine so when you look at it like that it's actually quite good value and there's actually 18% off on the Beauty Expert Website today with the code BEAUTY18

Do you have a favourite high-end concealer?

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