Saturday, 8 October 2011

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Nail Polish - Grape Fit

Before I bought this polish, I did have a bit of an 'ism' against Miss Sporty as a brand, the image I had in my head was a collection of makeup products which were used only by 12 year olds who got a fiver pocket money every week.

Clubbing colours nail polish has blown all that totally out of the water, my perception was completely skewed and I obviously hadn't moved with the times (and with Miss Sporty as a brand). As yet can't speak for the other products by this particular brand but I am so impressed by this polish.

The formulation is not really thin and hard to apply, it actually goes on quite opaque even with the first coat. This particular shade is really creamy in consistency (I need to try others to see what they're like!) The above photo was taken with just two coats. The only thing I will say about the product itself is that it stinks; I know nail polish doesn't smell nice in general but this has a really strong chemical smell! It does say that it's quick dry on the bottle but I have so far failed to find a nail polish which dries quick enough for my liking (i'm always in a rush) but as long as you remember to put a top coat on, you should be fine with this as it does dry pretty fast in comparison to some!

The packaging isn't fantastic, very plain and its feels like such a small bottle, descriptions are very minimal on the bottle but who cares with a brush like this...

It doesn't actually say on the bottle about this beauty of a brush, it reminds me very much of the new Rimmel polish Brushes nice and wide but not too wide so that it goes all over the sides of your little finger. Absolutely love it, this was the final piece of the product that has really sold Miss Sporty well to me.

How much is it & will I rebuy?
DEFINATELY! I will, without a doubt, buy more shades, theres a really nice pearl pink one called 'Tina Sparkle' and to top it all off, at the moment these are 3 for 2 in Superdrug. Unfortunately I can't get a link because there doesn't seem to be any of these on the website but they are around £1.99 where stocked. They are very much worth £2 and I can't wait to try some more Miss Sporty products, hopefully they won't disappoint!

Am I the only one who had a misconception of Miss Sporty? Any other product recommendations?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Sleek Au Naturel Palette - Swatches and Review

You may or may not know that I won a this from Sparklz and Shine's giveaway, I was so excited as it's the first Sleek palette to grace my makeup collection and when I say collection I think this palette has completed my assortment of nude palettes as I also have the MUA Heaven and Earth palette and Urban Decay Naked palette (I love them both dearly). 

Due to all the hype around Sleek palettes, I had to ask myself would this palette live up to all the rave reviews of previous Sleek numbers?

Well here are the swatches: (notice how I have labelled them for the first time, aren't I clever?! haha)

Top Row:

Bottom Row:

What about using the Product?
This really is a good nude collection, full of really gorgeous colours; perfect for autumn. For me these shades make thisa really useable palette as I don't like to go too garish for university. I found that the shimmer shades were a lot more pigmented than the matt shades but I like using them nevertheless. I will be using the bottom shades a lot this autumn as I think the shades are gorgeous. 

My favourite shades

Regal, Mineral Earth and Taupe

Will I buy more Sleek products based on this one?

I already have, I bought the Bad Girl palette from a blog sale and I plan to try a blusher or two in the very near future.

Finally, I have two questions for you:

What are your favourite Sleek Products?
Do you like my labelling or should I leave photos alone?
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