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Liz Earle Skin System - Cleanse, Polish, Tone and Moisturise

Ever since I bought cleanse and polish I have harped on about how much I love it and how it makes my skin feel so clean and unclogged, I had to try the next 2 steps; it'd be rude not to! The next step after Cleanse and Polish is the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml spritz bottle available in an ordinary bottle or spritz form this is a product which is for all skin types; one product suits all sort of thing like cleanse and polish. As most of you probably know, Liz Earle have a moisturiser suited to most skin types; combination/oily, normal/combination, dry/sensitive and very dry/mature skin. I have oily skin so I have the Skin Repair Moisturiser in Light (£18.25 for 50ml pump).

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Instant Boost Skin Tonic

'Revitalises, Soothes and Tones for Instant Radiance'

I LOVE this product, the idea of it being in a spritz bottle is fab for me because it's just so convenient, I'll often go for an afternoon nap after university or before work so this product is ideal for just spritzing on my face to wake me up, it smells beautiful and doesn't sting my eyes (although I don't recommend squirting it directly into your eyes!). I have also tried this in bottle form, and although it's the exact same product I still prefer to spritz rather than use cotton wool. Like all Liz Earle products i've tried, this smells absolutely lush, so clean and not a chemical scent in sight; no wonder really seeing as it contains aloe vera, vitamin E, calendula extract, chamomile extract, hops, cucumber, geranium and a whole load of other 'naturally active ingredients' that make me want to use this product without fear that it's going to block my pores and break me out! It does take a little while to soak into your skin properly so it's a good idea to do something else before you put on your moisturiser just so you get the full benefits of using this toner; the non-spritz toner does dry a little quicker but thats all about application and which one you buy is totally down to personal preference but I defintely recommend trying this one if you've already tried the bottled one. If you're looking to try this but scared of committing £12.50 to a product that might not suit you can try a 50ml bottle or 30ml spritz bottle of this for just £5!

Buy it via the Liz Earle Website or from John Lewis stores

Skin Repair Moisturiser in Light (for oily/combination skin) 

'Light, Gentle and Balancing for Fresh, Naturally Healthy Skin'

When I received this I was surprised to see that this comes in a pump bottle rather than a screw top jar which is what I have seen on so many blogs. When Liz Earle say light, they really mean that this product is light as it comes out of the pump it's a lovely consistancy; one pump easily covers my face! Before receiving this I was using Good Things Skincare Miracle Mattifier... Liz Earle knocks spots off it to be honest. Everyone has been going on about how lush Good Things smells, and it does but it's a bit overpowering and sweet for me in a morning and it isn't a miracle mattifier, my skin was still greasy and shiny and my makeup ended up off my face in no time at all even after using it for about a month. I have noticed more of a marked difference in my oil levels since using Liz Earle for just a week! It smells so fresh and I keep getting a gorgeous whiff of it throughout the day; it makes my skin feel so clean! My skin seems to just drink this product, the Good Things mattifier seemed to leave a bit of a residue but this light moistuiser absorbs surprisingly quickly. This is a little bit pricey for the amount you get (£18.25 for 50ml pump) but I don't quite know how long this will last, judging by the fact I only use one pump per application I'm guessing it's going to last a fair while! Again if you're scared of committing to such a big bottle you could always get a 15ml tube for £7.

Buy it via the Liz Earle Website or from John Lewis stores

Would I buy either of these products when I run out?? 

I think Yes!! I struggle so much to find a skincare regime which truely fits with my skin type, I think I may have found one in Liz Earle! I shall keep you updated via Twitter with how I get on with these products!

I think the next step for me is to invest in some Sheer Skin Tint and some haircare to see if her expertise extends to makeup and hair!

Have you tried any of Liz Earle's skin products? Any Favourites?? 

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  1. I'm trying out their cleanse and polish at the moment and i just love it so much! I'm definitely going to try out their moisturiser.



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