Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sleek Oh So Special Palette

I hope you've all enjoyed your first advent calendar window, I know I have (and so has the dog... yes mini dog has his own dog advent calendar) Happy December 1st!

I treat myself to this little gem the other day when I went to see Twilight, I've been looking for the Oh So Special palette for a while but it's been out of stock everytime I've walked into a Superdrug which stocks Sleek; you must all know by now that my local Superdrug doesn't stock Sleek so I've had to wait until I went out of town. I'd heard that this is THE Sleek Palette to own and I have to say some of the shades are really unique.

One thing I love about the Sleek palettes is the huge mirror on the inner side of the lid, in fact I love the packaging as a whole, it looks sophisticated on the outside with the Sleek logo and then the untouched shadows when you first open it look really good because they're waffled (if that's the word to describe them!) Ohh and can't forget the little sheet which tells you the names of the shades... shade names are a nice little touch I think. The double ended applicator isn't the most fantastic but I have eyeshadow brushes there for the using!

Top Row

Bottom Row

For me, the matte shades were a bit of a disappointment, it took me a while to get 'The Mail' to actually show on my arm, and in pan it looks like a colour which shouldn't take much building at all. The shimmer shadows, however, are beautifully pigmented; really easy to apply and build into some really intense shades. 

My favourite Shades: Organza and Wrapped Up
Least Favourite Shades: Noir - This seems to be a bit of a get out clause for Sleek, it features on all 3 palettes I own (au naturel and bad girl) and it's a shade I never use because it's just too much of an intense black; the only time I'd use it is to line my eyes (which is rare because I prefer Kohl liner)

You can buy this in store at Superdrug (where stocked!!) or from the Sleek Website at £6.49. For 12 shades I don't think that's bad at all, only just over 50p per shade!

I'm quite fancying the Contour Kit by Sleek now, I was eyeing it up when I bought this, as well as the pout polishes but I restrained myself!! I don't really fancy the new Berry Collection I just don't find the shades very wearable at all, it'd be a waste of money for me but for those who like red/plum lipsticks and bold blushers it would be one to try!

Do you think this palette really is 'Oh So Special'? What are your favourite Sleek Palettes?
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