Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Benefit Brow Bar Review

As I've mentioned countless times, I'm plagued with rubbish eyebrows; partly through my own doing and partly just naturally.. I had a bit of a disaster with a HD Brows rip off last year so I decided to treat myself to a trip to the Benefit Brow bar in Meadowhall; I'd seen all the Benebabes with their admirable arches and I just had to try it out because I don't think I've ever had a proper brow arch. 

Here are the before pictures:

Pretty shapeless, light coloured, bits sticking out everywhere, mono-brow kinda eyebrows... not attractive in the slightest.

The Benefit Brow bar experience is really quite nice; better than any salon eyebrow experience I've ever had! Basically one of the brow experts will sit you down and 'Map' your brows, asking what you'd like yours to look like and they'll try their best to do it for you. I personally didn't want really oddly dark eyebrows because I'm blonde, I asked for a decent arch and just a general tidy up.

So my lovely Benebabe, Amy, did all that for me and checked that it was ok before she sat me at the brow bar. Instead of using the dark tint she mixed the light and dark together to get a shade more suited to my face and hair, before applying she put the some vaseline on the skin around my brows and then she popped the tint on for 2 minutes. I've just had a thought, this might not have been in the right order but I'm just trying to give you an idea of what its like.

The tint was then wiped away and the waxing and tweezing commenced. Before she applied the wax she tested it on my palm to make sure it wasn't too hot for me and then she began working her magic; there's no escaping the fact that waxing/tweezing flipping hurts, but for whatever reason this process doesn't seem to hurt as much, whether its the wax or the technique I don't know!

Once she'd shown me the finished product (which I was obviously over the moon with) she popped some Boi-ing concealer on just to reduce some of the redness. And this is what they looked like...

What do you think? I absolutely love them and although it takes me like 40 minutes to get to my nearest Benefit Brow Bar I consider it totally worth it! It's £18 which is a little bit more than some salons, but again... Totally worth it!!! If you do want to try it out you can look for your nearest Brow Bar online and get the phone number to book; although booking isn't always essential I think it's best to do so to avoid disappointment!

Have you tried Benefit Brow Bars? If not will you be?


  1. I've tried the benefit brow in my Leeds Debenhams, they are really good and friendly. I'm so very lazy when it comes to my brows but when I do actually want a good brow pampering I tend to go there. In fact this post has reminded me I need my brows doing!

    Your brows do look nice : )


  2. Wow, your brows look really great! I haven't had any pleasant experiences with brow plucking/waxing to be honest. Last time I had them done in a salon the girl was constantly complaining about how dense my eye brows are and that put me off :/


  3. That's a big difference!! I haven't tried them because I'm trying to get rid of all of my other products right now. Saving money is making me beauty bankrupt!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  4. What a difference Jade! They look fantastic! I've never used Benefit Brow Bar as I'm quite fortunate with my brows, but it's something I'd maybe consider when I'm away on holiday possibly xx

  5. They look great! I want to get mine done, they're not very noticeable but I'd love an actual arch and some definition!

  6. The results are amazing!!! You almost look like a completely different person! I was very tempted to get HD brows done in a salon over Easter as a birthday gift to myself as my brows are pretty similar to yours, in that they're blonde and not a lot of shape but now I may have a look at Benefit Brow Bars as they're quite a bit cheaper than the HD brows treatment! I have a horrible habit of picking at my brows so they're holey and horrible, so anything is better than the current ones (: x

  7. Wow!! i'm a huge fan of Benefit brow bars but i do wish there was one closer to me than Leeds City Centre. I love that you can just walk in too. x


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