Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Events | Professional Beauty London 2013 & Haul

So on Sunday I went to Professional Beauty at Excel in London with my husbands 2 cousins, one of them owns a beauty spa salon so we went primarily to scout out new products for her but obviously being a beauty blogger it was pretty much my idea of heaven! Last year I went to Beauty UK at the Birmingham NEC but I had heard that the London events are usually bigger and better... quite right as well! I'd never been to Excel which was an experience in itself because it's absolutely massive! I thought the NEC was big but Excel knocks the spots off that! We were lucky enough to be invited by Yon Ka to the VIP lounges which are dotted around the show meaning we could stop for a coffee and a sit down which is an absolute god-send! I even met up with some bloggers which was really nice because I don't often get to see many people because I live up North so it was really great to see Leanne from Do Not Refreeze, Vic from Glow Stars and Lucy from Lucy's Stash who were all deliberating over which of the Color Club Halo Hues shades to buy!

We tried to be a little bit methodical in the way we went round the stands but it got a bit higgledy piggledy towards the end but I got to see everything I wanted to so I wasn't too bothered (and I visited some stands twice!). Some parts were ridiculously busy, if you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me moaning about how busy the OPI stand was, honestly it was brutal! Until about 4pm unless you knew exactly which shades you wanted, you didn't stand a chance of having a look because it was so busy! CND was exactly the same, the queue was huge so we waited until the end to go there; not that I needed anything but Kirsty wanted the new spring shades (which look beautiful, by the way!).

I was most excited to see Aromatherapy Associates there because it meant I could have a sniff of their oils and buy a miniatures set, I've seen so many people rave about their products and I've been dying to try them but didn't want the commitment of a big bottle ordered online which I potentially wouldn't like! Without further ado, here comes the Pro Beauty haul...

 Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath/Shower oils - £21.00 (should have been £30)

This contains 9 different oils, all with different scents and used for different reasons. On Sunday night, I couldn't resist using the light relaxation oil in a bath because I was so shattered but I'd got over tired so I knew I'd struggle to sleep. I can't wait to try all these and I'll definitely be doing a full review and probably buying a full size of one of them when I've finished.

Nubar Nail Polishes - £3.80 each

I got a lovely nude brown colour and an equally gorgeous matte red colour, I haven't tried these yet as I have Shellac on but I can't wait to see what they're like!

This was a very very generous freebie bag from Caudalie, I was absolutely made up when I got this, it has some products in it that I've been dying to try for ages including some from the Vinosource range and also the Divine Oil; I've been on the lookout for another good hair oil for when I finish my Moroccanoil so this will be put to the test! Thank you again, Caudalie!

OPI Starter Kit - £20

This was my final purchase of the day after much deliberation; I originally picked up just a top coat for £6 but then realised that this was a really good deal and also contained the top coat. The products in here actually add up to almost £60 (apparently). There's 2 full sized polishes, a full sized Avoplex gift set with liquid soap and a body scrub, Gloss n' Go drip dry, Top coat, a mini nail polish remover, 3 x Mani/Medi massage cream (Royal Verbena, Cucumber and White tea), Avoplex cuticle oil and a cuticle pusher. I realised what a fantastic deal was and I knew if I didn't pick it up I'd really regret it when I got home, I'll use every single product in here at some point so it was well worth it for me!

I also may have picked up some other products for a certain giveaway that's going to be happening here in the next week or so, but you'll have to wait and see what I got!

There you have it, there was my trip to Professional Beauty 2013. It was such a tiring day and after having only 2 hours sleep the night before I was suitably pooped when I'd finished. Ohh forgot to mention that I had my first ever burger from Giraffe at Kings Cross when I was waiting for my train and oh my god, it's love! If you haven't already tried it you really need to. 

Next stop, IMATS! Have you ever been to a beauty show?


  1. Thanks for the shout out, it was really good to meet you! You got some really good stuff - I had no idea Caudalie were giving out freebies, I didn't even visit their stand. I'll be at IMATS as well so see you there :-) x

    1. I was quite pleased with myself, and I didn't spend a ridiculous amount!! Can't wait till IMATS!! x

  2. Shame we didn't bump into each other, it was such a good show wasn't it? x

  3. Thanks for coming out!! Happy to have my phone back so quickly! I'll definitely be referring you to my friends iphone parts London.

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