Monday, 4 February 2013

Personal Post | 50 Random Facts About Me

Sorry if you're thinking 'here we go again' but I've been really loving reading everyone elses 50 things about me so I thought I'd do one because a) I want to and b) I think it's important that my readers get to know a bit more about me, even if it's pointless random facts!

001. I've seen 14 bands and comedians in concert; Steps, Atomic Kitten, Westlife, Boyzone, Leona Lewis, Stereophonics, Keane, The Editors, Kaiser Chiefs, The Enemy, We are Scientists, Neil Diamond, Peter Kay & Russell Brand.

002. My husband and I run a village pub

003. But I'm pretty much intolerant to alcohol, it makes me soo sick most of the time.

004. I'm totally obsessed with World War II, I love reading and learning about it, it fascinates me.

005. Unsurprisingly, History was one of my choice for both GCSE and A Level along with German & IT (GCSE) and Law & Business Studies (A Level)

006. I have a degree in Retail Marketing Management.

007. I've had 4 pets all together (exc. Goldfish); 3 hamsters and 1 dog.

008. I still played with dolls and barbies until I was about 13.

009. When I was at university I used to drink at least one can of Red Bull per day.

010. I'm allergic to cats.

011. I used to have a massive thing for Russell Brand, now not so much.

012. Love Actually is my feel good film, if I'm ever on my own or can't sleep I put it on.

013. I've had 5 different jobs; I've worked in a pizza takeaway, a local department store (Boyes), Orange retail, a Marine recruitment company and of course the pub.

014. I've never been to Scotland

015. I have a scar on my forehead that looks a bit like Harry Potter's lightening bolt, I did it when I was 5 when I road my bike into a wall

016. I've done a bungee jump

017. My life isn't at all like I thought it would be.

018. My parents separated when I was 16

019. I have lived in 5 different houses.

020. My favourite food is meat, vegetables, mash, yorkshire puddings and gravy.

021. I have very sensitive teeth

022. I can't stand the sound of knives and forks scraping on a plate; I used plastic everything until I was 18.

023. My favourite film of all time is Schindlers List

024. I used to be a really clumsy kid, always at minor injuries for something but I've never actually had an overnight stay in hospital since I was born (touchwood!)

025. One thing I want to do before I die is travel North America

026. I used to dance freestyle and rock 'n'roll; In 2005 my dance partner and I were North East Lincolnshire dancing champions for our age group and ability.

027. I only lived Leeds for university for about 3 months, all I wanted to do was come home while I was there.

028. I drive a Ford Street Ka

029. One job I'd love to do is work on a make up counter or in PR

030. I have the dullest mousey coloured hair underneath all my highlights

031. High School musical is one of my guilty pleasures

032. When I was little all I ever wanted to do was work in Tesco on the checkout

033. I don't own one piece of high end designer clothing

034. My friends think the amount of money I spend on makeup is bonkers

035. I've never broken a bone

036. I still have really quite spotty skin on my face and back, it's really starting to knock my confidence now because I thought I'd be rid by now.

037. If I could live anywhere in the country just for a year, it would be London, however I don't think I'd want to bring up a family there.

038. I know exactly what I'd call a baby girl if I had one; Jessica Karina but I have no idea for a boy.

039. I used to like to think I was a bit 'emo' when I was younger... dyed my hair dark and listened to Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco.

My best friend Beka and Me

040. I had my first 'proper' boyfriend when I was 15

041. I have size 8 feet.

042. I absolutely loved school but I hated college and university

043. I have a short story published in a book from when I was at school... can't remember what it's called though!!

044. My perfect dress size would be a 12

045. I'm quite a solitary person and I love my own company

046. I don't bother putting myself on spending bans because I'm actually quite sensible with money

047. If I had a time machine I'd go back to 1945 right before the war ended, would have loved to have been there on VE Day.

048. I used to be a bit weird when I first started secondary school because I thought it would get me friends, unsurprisingly, it didn't haha!

049. When you first meet me I seem really shy but when I'm around people I'm comfortable with I'm much more outgoing.

050.  I'm an only child

Phewf! That took longer than I was expecting! Are you similar to me in any way?


  1. Oooh yeah loads! I'm sure we could be great friends! Xxx

    1. I knew that anyway just from talking on twitter, you seem like my kinda lady :) xx

  2. Love this post Jade :) I love WW2 too! xx

  3. I thought I was the only one to enjoy my own company!
    Great blog :)
    I just did this tag as well as I enjoy reading other people's

    - Samantha xx


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