Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Body Art | Temporary Tattoos from Skin Art UK

A couple of weeks ago I posted about some Nail Art Tattoos which I had been playing with and mentioned that the same company also did temporary tattoos and I'd love to try them out. I was lucky enough to be send some of their Temporary Tattoos to try this week and I literally couldn't wait to get them opened and played with. I received 3 packs each with lots of different designs in them so I had plenty to choose from and these are going to last me ages!

 Love is Enough, I'm a Dreamer and In your own Words £4.99 each, Skin Art UK*

Love is Enough £4.99 Skin Art UK

 These temporary tattoos are so simple to use, if you ever used temporary tattoos as a kid then these are exactly the same; you cut the appropriate design out, peel the film off, place it on your skin where you want the tattoo and then apply a wet sponge to the area to wet the paper totally... leave that on for a minute or so and your tattoo should have transferred onto your skin! Literally a couple of minutes job.

The first design I tried was a little heart from the Love is Enough pack with a black outline and red colouring. If I was ever going to have a tattoo it would probably be on the underside of my wrist so this seemed like a sensible place to put it. This lasted for around a day because I was working behind the bar and my hands/wrist were working all day getting wet etc. so naturally I knew it was going to rub off quickly but it did actually last the whole day and only came off when I got in the bath and soaked in a bath oil for a while (oil based products actually help to remove the tattoos). It was funny how many people saw the heart during the day and I had at least 3 people ask if I'd had a tattoo so it must have looked realistic to them! 

After the heart had rubbed off Iexperimented a little more with some more of the designs and decided to put something on that I would actually consider having as a real tattoo. The I'm a Dreamer pack contains a couple of little feathers; feathers remind me of Angels and therefore my Auntie who passed away and the In your own Words pack has phrases and single letters so i decided to put one of the feathers on and add a 'K' to it to symbolise 'Karina'. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it actually turned out and the more I look at it the more I love it and I'm seriously considering getting something similar done... it's just the pain factor that really puts me off permanent tattoos.

I'm definitely going to be using these until they're all done because I absolutely love them and they're pain free which is a massive bonus! They're so good especially if you're looking to get a real tattoo because you get a feel for how it would look and whether you could actually live with it for the rest of your life. 

They might seem like a totally daft idea to start with but if you're going out somewhere special or you just fancy doing something a little different. Nobody else needs to know that your tattoo isn't real; these really do look authentic especially in an inconspicuous place that people don't tend to get close up to (obviously when you get really up close you can see the tell-tale shine). 

In each pack you get 3 sheets of different designs so for £4.99 I don't think you can go wrong! You can get them from Boots and the Skin Art UK website.

Are temporary tattoos something you'd consider or do you prefer the real deal?


  1. Even at the ripe old age of 25, I still kind of love playing about with temporary tattoos (esp superhero ones you get in packs of candy sticks! I like to relive my childhood every now and then!) I think it's a good idea of knowing if you like the placement too before taking the plunge. I have 3 proper tattoos already and am getting more on Thursday and one was going to be on the outer part of my upper thigh. I applied a temporary tattoo and left it for a few days and it turns out that I'm really not a fan of tha tplacement. Better to know now then when I've got it permenantly etched on my body!

  2. this is such a good idea! I always thought about it, but to be honest I didn't want to look strange! I'm really into tattoos but just too scared to get it for life! Will definitely have to try these out! thanks :)
    great blog :)
    Love Hannah xoxo



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