Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Balancing your blog and your work/personal life

Tonights #FBLchat on twitter was all about striking that balance between working/education and blogging, for the majority of people blogging is a hobby and a secondary income (if generating any income at all) so it's a popular topic of conversation between bloggers who are struggling to find the time to work and blog and have a little bit of a life aswell. In an ideal world we'd all like to be able to make a living from our blogs because we love it so much but for those times when you still have to go to work/school/college/uni... here are a few tips:
to do list 1. Schedule - I know many of you do this already but for me it has been the key to blogging for the past couple of years, I will usually write posts really late at night when I have time but I don't think posting them at 11pm is the best idea because the vast majority of my audience will be in bed and by the time morning comes my post will have been pushed down most peoples feeds and my post might be missed or forgotten about. If you use Blogger the option to schedule is on the right hand side of the page, you can set a date and a time for your post to go live; I usually post mine at 10am on whichever day I choose but you might have a time in mind when you think it will be seen by the most people... maybe 7.30pm when people have settled down to chill out?

2. Choose specific times/days to post - I think this strategy is actually more popular in Youtubers; you tend to find a lot of YouTube personalities will pick a particular day to post so they know exactly where they are in terms of what they need to do and their audience know when to expect a video. For example Jenna Marbles usually posts on a Wednesday and although she might do the odd video in between, her readers know to expect a video every week on that one day. If you really do struggle to produce content more than once a week then this would be a great idea for you. 
3. Brainstorm - Whenever an idea for a blog post comes into your head make a note of it, doesn't matter where, just write it down so you don't sit down to blog and think 'ohh I had such a good idea but I forgot what it was'. I usually come up with ideas right before I go to sleep so I just write them in the notes section of my phone.
4. Blog in bulk - if you find that you have an afternoon free try and write lots of blog posts all at once, then all you need to do is find time to take photographs... the same goes for photographs, if you have free time and there's some really good natural light coming into your house then get your camera out and get snapping away! You'll be so glad of the photos you've taken when you're stuck for time and natural daylight. 
Word of warning - when I say 'blog in bulk' I don't mean write lots of meaningless posts with a few words and a picture, your readers will notice when you can't really be bothered to write and I always say quality over quantity! 

5. Stay active on social media - Even if you're not writing blog posts, let your readers know that you're still alive and kicking, try not to leave your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook dormant even if you can't find the time to write a blog post because people will still love to talk to you and see your face on the 'blogging scene'.
6. Don't stress - I know this can be easier said than done but don't let your blog stress you out, if you can't post then you simply cannot post, don't let it get you down or make you unhappy because a hobby is not worth that. I know lots of you are keen for your blog to succeed but you must keep it as something you enjoy, don't let it become a chore because something you once loved will become something you loath and all your hard work could go to waste.
7. Ask for guest posters - If you're going through a particularly busy period in your life then it might be an idea to ask people to guest post for you, even if you just have one once a week it will create content and also help your fellow bloggers get a bit of exposure. Guest posts are usually reserved for when bloggers are on holiday but there's no rule to say you can't do them anytime you want!

Do you find it difficult to balance your blog and your work/personal life?
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  1. I normally schedule mine for 6.30, sounds early butttt I think its a good time so people can read them on the way to work/school etc and by the time 8oclock comes it shouldn't be too far down the feed!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Since I started my new job where I work 5 days out of 7 (these days change week to week not just mon-fri) I find it so difficult to blog. Add on top of that my laptop is broken so I only have the use of my ipad to blog on, which whilst it's doable it's not the most convenient (trying to get my dslr photos on the iPad!!) hopefully I will be able to sort something out as I have 5 days off coming up!!

    Adele-Marie xx

    One Girls Obsession With Makeup

    1. Have you got an SD card adapter for your iPad? x

  3. I definitely go through times when I have writers block so I always try to have a back-up blogpost! Great tips! :) X.


  4. I do most of these things but still it was a really helpful post especially about the setting a specific time to post, that's good SEO as well google loves consistency :)

    Gemma from ButtonsBlog

    1. Never even thought of that from an SEO point of view! x

  5. I've never scheduled my posts, but it's def a good idea for those that can't always get on the laptop or don't want too..
    I have specific days I post. On said days I also post a specific genre of post. On Sundays I post my Sunday Summary. On wednesdays I post a review or my monthly buys and on Fridays I post an outfit. I didn't do this on purpose to begin with, it just happened, but now I like it, as have something to aim for time wise.
    I blog in bulk to a degree. My drafts page is practically full with started posts, posts with just pictures or even just titles. I just add to them when I can and when I feel I can write. Sometimes I struggle with finding the right words.lol (I really need to read more books! As my mum used to say!lol)



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