Saturday, 31 January 2015

7 things I probably shouldn't admit to

There are some things that we do and facts about us that we would probably rather not share with others but I decided that in the interests of you all getting to know me a little bit better I thought I'd share some facts about me that I probably shouldn't be sharing publicly. Surely I can't be the only one who has some weird facts about themselves? Ok maybe I'm just the only person daft enough to share them to hundreds of people...

- I have a massive crush on Denzel Washington even though he's older than my dad... 
- I still don't know my left and right properly; I have to really thing about it... when I learnt to drive the instructor had to point which way to go because I couldn't deal with concentrating on driving while working out which way was which.
- I never make my bed in a morning... or any other time of day for that matter!
- I find farts funny; but not the smell of strangers' farts - that's disgusting - just ones either by me or my friends that have some kind of sound.
- I get great pleasure out of picking my toe nails.
- I treat my dog like an actual child. You probably think I'm exaggerating but I have full blown conversations with him, he gives kisses on command and he has a mummy cuddle before bed. 
- I never iron my clothes; if they're too creased they just stay in my wardrobe.

Can you relate to any of these embarrassing facts?

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