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How to save money when booking Disneyland Paris + Deals

Earlier this year you might know that I visited Disneyland Paris with my friend and I got it for what I thought was a pretty good price (£242 for flights, hotel and park tickets) so I thought I'd do a post on how to get a cheap deal because I know that it's known for being quite expensive. Granted it's not the cheapest place you could take a holiday but it's significantly cheaper than going to America and there are ways you can do it without breaking the bank. So here's how you can save money and still get your Disney fix:

Go out of season
It might seem like a fairly obvious one but by not going in the summer months it could save you hundreds both on travel, accommodation and park tickets. Obviously we all know that hotels and airlines like to inflate prices during kids holidays but the Disneyland parks also operate on a 'seasonal' price basis so they have 'Mini', 'Magic' and 'Super Magic' dates which are all different prices. All weekends are at least 'Magic' price so if you have the luxury of being able to go during the week then you really should because unless it's school holidays all days during the week come under the 'Mini' price bracket which makes the park entrance fee a little bit more affordable.

Buy tickets before you go
Buying tickets can feel like a bit of a minefield because there are different ways you can do it and the cheapest will depend on how many days you plan to spend in the parks and also when you choose to go so careful planning really is key to getting the best value. Here's an example of how different the prices could be:

To visit on 7/8 March 2016
2 x 1 day/2 park 'mini' tickets = £88
2 day/2 parks hopper ticket = £97

These both give the exact same benefits for these dates but the top option comes in 2 separate tickets whereas the 2nd option is one ticket which gives you 2 days worth of entry in one ticket with the option of using it on more dates (which you don't need if you've already planned to go on 7/8 March)

To visit on 20/21 December 2015
2 x 1 day/2 park 'super magic' tickets = £118
2 day/2 parks hopper ticket = £97

So as you can see, in 'super magic' peak times it's cheaper to buy the 2 day/2 park hopper ticket.

(all prices quoted are from the Attraction Tickets Direct website)

Stay in a 'Partner' hotel
Although there are some deals to be had for the onsite hotels they will nearly always be more expensive than 'partner' hotels. When I went I stayed in The Kyriad which is a really nice hotel and it has a frequent shuttle bus running guests to and from the parks; it's free and really convenient. The benefits of staying in a partner hotel is that although they're not actual Disney hotels they are 'approved' by Disney so they obviously have to meet certain standards and they are usually quite a bit cheaper than the onsite hotels. There are 3 other partner hotels served by the same bus: Dream Castle, Magic Circus and Explorers

Deals for 2016

Family Easter Holidays Deal
2 adults, 2 children staying March 28 - 1 April 
Hotel Cheyenne (includes room, breakfast and park tickets for duration of your stay)
£1018.15 (£254.54 each) 
Air France Flights - £130 each (Skyscanner)
TOTAL: £1538.15 (£384.54 each)

Midweek Deal (during school time)
2 adults staying March 7 - 11
Hotel Kyriad (bed and breakfast) - £158
Flights with Jet 2 from Leeds Bradford Airport - £200
(Travel Republic)
4 days Disneyland entrance - £242 (Attraction Tickets Direct
TOTAL: £600 (£300 each)

Weekend Deal
2 Adults staying May 6 - 9
Ibis Marne Le Vallee Val D'Europe (room only) - £160
Flights with Jet 2 from Leeds Bradford Airport - £202
(Travel Republic)
2 days Disneyland entrance £194
TOTAL: £556 (£278 each)

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before?

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