Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Ever wanted to take up a pair of trousers and made an absolute hash of the sewing or paid the earth to use a seamstress? If yes, Wundaweb is your saviour! It is an easy-to-use hemming tape which is ideal for taking up all sorts of clothing. It can be quite tricky to use the first time but you soon get the hang of it and if you tend to have to take up a lot of your clothes then you'll soon develop your own technique...

Step 1.
Turn your iron on and dampen a cloth or teatowel ready for later 

Step 2.
Decide how much you would like to take the garment up and pin it, then put it onto the ironing board and take the pins out.

Step 3.
Iron the new hem in place to give it a crease so you know where to put the Wundaweb

Step 4.
Place the Wundaweb underneath the hem near the top (so you don't get a big floppy bit)

Step 5.
Cover the Wundaweb with the hem and place the damp cloth/towel over it and press the iron on it for around 5-10 seconds. DO NOT use an ironing motion, you just need to press, do this until you have covered the area with the Wundaweb in.

Step 6.
Leave to cool for at least 10 minutes before you check if it's stuck

I used 2 pieces of WW for each leg because they were very wide palazzo trousers and it made it very difficult to use one solid piece, I actually found it easier doing this, you just need to watch for the corners; make sure they don't come undone or flop back down.

Have you tried Wundaweb?

disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if you damage your clothes using Wundaweb, I've never damaged mine but no method is fool proof.


  1. I use wonderweb for hems, i hate sewing hems!! :P

  2. I hate sewing this is a godsend !! xxx

  3. This stuff is amazing! My mum always uses in on everything!
    R.x - beautyshewrites.blogspot.com


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