Monday, 12 September 2011


Tips taken from a #bbloggers chat in September 2011

One of the questions asked was: What do people prefer, blog tutorials or video?
Answer: No majority; do what you are comfortable with. If you like doing both, then do both... that way you please both types of reader!

What did the bloggers say?

@PerishStorm: Worst is when you're watching a tutorial and the person disappears out of shot to apply eyeliner/lashes. I need to see that bit ! #bbloggers

@BeautyU: I like tutorials that use sketches and words. Helps to see face/eye/lip shape better and more adaptable for every face shape #bbloggers

@Shuttershimmer: I like to see tutorials feat. exclusively either drug store or high end products #bbloggers

@Katiexhai: #bbloggers i get put off by REALLY long tutorials. Anything over 15 mins i find myself skipping parts which kinda defeats the point.

@Beautycfw: #bbloggers I love nail tutorials if you can see each separate step :)

Blanket Tips for both Blog and Video Tutorials:

State exactly what products are used; add a list of substitutes, if you can

Try not to use discontinued products

State where the products were from and how much they cost

Try and vary which brands you use in one tutorial, unless it is a specific Mac tutorial, try and use other products where possible

Tips for Blog Tutorials:

Use pictures and text - people like to see a description of what's going on

Only use clear images; to get the clearest possible make sure you use the 'Macro' setting on your camera

Have a tutorials page on your navigation or sidebar - it makes it easier for people to find them!

Add the finished image onto your dashboard, it should attract people.

Tips for Video Tutorials:

If you have a blog, post a summary of your video with a link to it

Try and strike a balance, cut the chitter chatter but put some personality into it, rather than having a scripted set of step by step instructions

Show your technique as best you can

Start from scratch (bare faced) if you can, especially for full face tutorials

Try and zoom in at appropriate moments

If you are a regular vlogger, invest in a tripod, it makes camera positioning a lot easier

As for WHAT sort of tutorials people want to see, there was everything from hair, to day looks to bright and sparkly looks. I say do what you are comfortable with and feel you are good at, there will always be someone who wants to know how to do a specific look. The more tutorials you do, the quicker you learn what works and what doesn't.

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