Monday, 26 September 2011


This is the first of my posts featuring products from my duty free haul; First up is the MAC Powder Blush in 'Style'. I've been looking for a peachy coloured blush for a while now, I was going to use up the rest of my No.7 one first but I couldn't resist the Duty Free offering. As I mentioned in the haul post, the lady at MAC was less than helpful, and I felt as if she really didn't want to assist me at all. I knew I wanted a peachy shade but I didn't know whether a matte look or a shimmer would suit me best. The lady said this was an 'inbetween' shade; not matte but not too shimmery

I have to say, I do love it. It's just what I wanted; it doesn't go 'OOOSH' look at me I have peach on my cheeks... it does give a really nice subtle glow; a nice alternative to bronzer for paler ladies and a nice change for those with a darker complexion. The No.7 one was way to pink for my liking and I don't want to look like a pot doll. 

Everything about this blush is fab, the texture, ease of application; everything is good in my opinion; no complaints at all.

You can buy this from MAC's online store or Debenhams for £19.50


  1. Hey, I really wanna get Style, it's on my list :)
    Have you tried the body shop brushes? I have a really good blush brush from their :)
    And you can't go wrong with No7 eyeshadow brushes..
    Oooh and I haven't tried it, but I've heard Benefit's Georgia is meant to be a good peachy shade :D


  2. I use a tapered duo fibre brush from Crown. I think it's the C427 which is perfect as you can build up the colour without the risk of putting too much on in one go.
    I've got Mac Melba and NARS Gilda in my collection that are gorgeous peach shades.

  3. I really like my Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush, its angled and very soft!
    My must have eyeshadow brush is MAC 217 (you've probably heard/read that a million times but its worth the invest, makes blending a breeze!)
    & I really like the ELF Contouring and Blush Duo...the blush color is a really pretty peachy/pink!

  4. Avon do great angled blush brushes as do crown brushes both are really cheap!

    Sleek life's a peach is such a pretty peach blush that can be built up easily :), my personal fav peach blush is Mac Melba though :)

    Eyeshadow brushes if you are on a budget I highly recommend making full use of any no7 vouchers and picking up their eyeshadow brushes they are really good :) xx

  5. I absolutely love this one.. my favourite blush I'd think!

    A good blusher brush: I personally love the tapered face brush by Sigma, or 169 (eek) by MAC! :)

    A must have e/s brush: No7 Blend & Contour, MAC 217 or any of the Sigma ones haha!

    Peach blushes: Oooh Benefit Coralista, ELF's Peachy Keen or umm.. I can't think of any others!


  6. I use my Elf Studio Blush brush. It's tapered so you can use the very tip or the side of it to apply. Plus its only £3.50

    NARS Deep Throat is the Peachy/pink blush i most lust after, but MAC Melba is me favourite that i own. I like Sleek 'Life's a peach' too but its more orange toned than Melba xxx

  7. Thanks for all the recommendations girlies! Sounds like I really need a tapered brush (and some advice on how to apply blusher properly, cos i'm crap!)

    Will be investing in MAC Melba, NARS deep throat and possibly a benefit blush sometime soon!

    And MAC 217 coming to my brush collection soon!! xxx

  8. i love this blush, it is one of my favourites!! I love one that ELF do it is from their £1.50 range and it's a beauty peachy coral colour xx


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