Thursday, 1 September 2011


Look at these! I saw them on Rominataur's blog and had to have a go. I never thought I'd have a steady enough hand for nail art but these are so easy to do!
I received my Models Own order this morning and instead of doing a 'haul post' I decided to do something constructive with the stuff I received (plus I only actually bought 4 things, so not really a haul!).


To create this nail art I used the Wah nail art pen, Models Own Blooboo (Powder Blue is very similar) and OhMyGOSH mini nail polish in Nude Champagne (Models Own Nude Icing looks very similar). Unfortunately the Wah nail art pen is no longer available, however you can get similar pens like this set of Rio classic nail art pens.

1. Paint your nails with a base colour (preferably a light nude shade) 

2. Pick up a light blue shade and do rough dots around the nail, don't have too much nail polish on the brush otherwise the dot will end up too thick and won't dry properly. 

3. Using a nail art pen or tool, draw little C shapes around the blue dots and add some more rough C shapes around the nail.

Thats it!
(let the polish dry in between each step, otherwise it'll be a smudged mess)

The key with this design is not to be too precise, since when were leopard prints all the same? You can do as many dots and dashes as you like, it's down to individual preference; that's what I love about this design, no two are ever the same. Don't worry if you don't have a steady hand, especially when using the nail art pen, I found that instead of doing a solid line it was easier to do tiny little joined up dots.

Have you tried any nail art with a nail art pen? If so link me on Twitter, I'd love to have a look!


  1. Oh this is amazing.. I wish i could have steady hand for that.. The best i can do i straight line :)

  2. aww, trust me, have a go I bet you do great, you dont really need a steady hand, i shake like a leaf! x

  3. I love my models own nail pen :D I've done a few designs on my blog! and your nails look fab xox

  4. Aww cute nails :) Btw i found your blog today thru blog hop ;) ann I am your newest follower from Long Beach Ca :)


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