3 Step DIY Leopard Print Nail Tutorial

I'm a huge fan of leopard print and wanted to transfer my love onto my nails in the easiest way possible so here's a DIY leopard print nail tutorial that you doesn't require any expensive equipment or skills, you can use colours of your choice and the more random you are, the better!


To create this nail art I used a black nail art pen, a nude colour for the base and a pastel blue colour for the detailing. I found that nude was the best base and obviously black to guide your spots but the colour around the black can be totally your choice; I think a pastel green or pink would also look fab.

Step 1:

Paint the nails with a base colour (preferably a light nude shade). Leave this to dry completely.

Step 2:
Pick up a light blue shade (or the colour of your choice) and do rough dots around the nail, don't have too much nail polish on the brush otherwise the dot will end up too thick and won't dry properly. The size of the nail will depend on how many you do but again, make sure these have dried completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3:
Using a nail art pen or tool, draw little C shapes around the blue dots and add some more rough C shapes around the nail.

(let the polish dry in between each step, otherwise it'll be a smudged mess)

The key with this leopard print nail design is not to be too precise, since when were leopard prints all the same? You can do as many dots and dashes as you like, it's down to individual preference; that's what I love about this design, no two are ever the same. Don't worry if you don't have a steady hand, especially when using the nail art pen, I found that instead of doing a solid line it was easier to do tiny little joined up dots.

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