Easy Children in Need Nail Art

You know I'm all for extremely easy nail art on Girl Up North so I wanted to share this easy Children In Need nail art with just one accent nail that makes the design unmistakable!

All you'll need for this Children in Need nail art is a shade of yellow, a white nail polish, a red, a blue, a green and a dotting tool. 


This tutorial doesn't involve any intricate bear drawings; just 3 simple steps to Children in Need nails:

Step 1:
Paint 4 fingers with your chosen shade of yellow, leaving out an accent finger next to your little finger

Step 2:
Paint your accent finger next to your little finger with the white nail paint. Leave this to dry completely.

Step 3:
Using the dotting tool, dot the red, blue, green and yellow nail paint onto the accent finger.

This nail art is a really fun and inexpensive way to show your support for Children in Need, don't forget to share it with me on Instagram if you try it!

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