Tuesday, 17 January 2012


This was my first Lush purchase for a long long long time, I daresay that my last purchase for myself was about 5 or 6 years ago simply because I sort of forgot about it and always classed it as a bit over priced for what it was. But since I've been blogging I've heard all sorts of rave reviews about their hair products so when I was Christmas shopping I thought I'd ask the nice lady to advise me on which one to go for given that my hair was greasy. 

She introduced me to I Love Juicy; explaining that her mum had bought it and a massive bottle lasted her, her sister and her mum for a few months for 2 reasons... a) you don't need a lot to get a good lather b) you don't need to use it everytime you wash your hair.

I love the smell and how it makes my hair feel; it does give me around another extra day or so without washing my hair and the smell really sticks to your hair... it's a gorgeous citrus lemon scent! The one thing I will say is that I don't think it'd be suitable for someone with heavily coloured hair because the citrus ingredients do have a tendency to strip; given that I'm blonde it can have some lightening qualities especially if I use it for a few days on the trot; however that isn't one of the benefits which Lush lists. 

Basically this is one shampoo that you should definitely try if you have greasy hair or you tend to get a product build up. It is £6.25 for a small 100ml bottle which is ideal for a first try or if you want a weekly hair clease/detox and they also do larger bottles if you want to use it more frequently.


  1. i would love more lush stuff cos they smell great but i agree.. theyre just so expensive for what you get!

  2. This sounds like just what I need! My hair always tends to feel greasy/unclean a day later! Thanks for posting ! :) x


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