Thursday, 9 February 2012


This is a product that seems to have split the blogging jury somewhat, some love it and some pretty much loathe it. Some said it was too heavy and felt like a mask, others said it gave them the perfect coverage. I don't normally use Estee Lauder products because I always thought of the brand as something for the older ladies but I thought I'd give Double Wear a try.

Containing SPF 10, Estee Lauder say that this foundation can stay in place for up to 15 hours and can power through heat, humidity and non-stop activity. It shouldn't come off on your clothes (the dreaded orange collar!) and it should feel lightweight and comfortable.

First of all, I was very surprised at how thin in consistency it is, I find it really difficult not to waste any when I pour it out to use it because its surprisingly thin considering it's a medium to full coverage foundation, by how people were talking about it I was expecting a thick gloopy mess.

I don't wear this on a daily basis, I tend to alternate my foundations according to the occasion or what my skin is like. I wear Double Wear when I'm going out or when I feel like my skin is particularly bad.

It's very easy to work with and blends really well, I use the Sigma F80 brush and honestly at this present moment I couldn't think of any better tool to help me apply my foundation. A little of this product does go a long way and I know that i'm in danger of losing the product just through wastage on my brush and on my hand. 

To me, it doesn't feel like a mask at all, it just feels like any normal foundation; no different to my MAC Studio Fix Fluid just with better coverage. If you really are worried about it feeling too heavy on your face then I definately recommend asking at the counter for a sample of both Double Wear and Double Wear light. The on the other end of the scale there is Double Wear Maximum cover which acts as a total camouflage type of makeup. 

As for staying power, I did a full hours zumba class whilst wearing this and it pretty much stayed put. Used with Benefit Porefessional, this foundation keeps oil breakthrough to a minimum and is the absolute perfect colour for me.

The only downsides to this foundation are the fact that it doesn't come with a pump (although I do believe they can be bought!) and possibly the price. At £33.50 it's not cheap by any means and the bottle is still only 30ml, however I personally think it's worth the money and I will definately be rebuying when I finish this bottle (which will be a long while yet!)

You can buy this from Debenhams  for £33.50 but I don't recommend that you buy it blind, I highly recommend going into store and trying this out first!

Have you tried Double Wear? What are your thoughts?


  1. I have this and love it, its the only foundation I've ever repurchased. It's my going out foundation. I've recently bought the double wear light and am loving that too x Danielle x

  2. ive tried double wear max coverage but the sample the lady gave me is so, so dark! my own flaw with studio fix is that it doesnt come with a pump. ill defnitely be taking your advice and getting samples in this!:)

  3. I loveee this foundation, always go back to it.

    Ladies I have done a post on where you can get it for £19.00 which is a better price in my eyes. It's where I get mine from ;)
    Here's the link


  4. mm.. never tried this foundation.. :P

  5. I adore this foundation! Having dry skin i was a bit worried at first, but on top of a silicone based primer it works AMAZINGLY. To me its the perfect coverage and isn't heavy on the skin. I use mine daily, and managed to get it in Debenhams with my points when it was 10% off =D xox

  6. I just started using this foundation a coupel weeks ago and I love it. Doesn't feel heavy, great coverage, no cakey-ness and long wearing!

  7. I use this too, i bought a pump from MAC which fits the top perfectly and is long enough to reach the bottom, much easier to use and no chance of pouring too much out! A mere £3.50 i believe! Xx

    1. Thanks for letting me know! Definately going to get one so i dont have to carry on wasting it!! Xx

  8. In my head i think this would be a thick cakey mess but it sounds great after reading your review! I might try to get a sample of this to try out! x

  9. I've tried double wear light, its great coverage and last all day. I personally find it a bit too thick, however I mix it with bourjous healthy mix to thin it out and i've found this is a great combination.

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  10. Everything about this foundation sounds right up my alley... apart from the lack of pump :-( I know I should just get over it but foundations in glass bottles without pumps do my head in. I get too annoyed to bother using them! And for what this costs You'd expect one really. Shame though because it sounds fab.

  11. I have tried DW but it feels quite heavy for me. In my opinion, it's even a tad heavier than MAC studio fix fluid. But I like the texture and how it looks on my face. Flawless and no flaky at all. But I don't think I'll get on with it.


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