Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I got this idea from Coleyyyful when she posted about her little ebay buy, I had to try them just out of curiosity. The ebay seller has a number of different colour beads so there's probably something for everyone depending on what sort of colour you are wanting. I got silver (pictured above) and rainbow so I could have two different looks. 

You get 20g for £1.75 which isn't bad at all; because these are so tiny 20g is actually a lot! After using them once I still have enough for at least another 3/4 applications I reckon, if not more! As Coleyyyful's tutorial suggests, this is a really easy look to recreate; there are 3 simple steps (after the obvious prepping beforehand which you do before any manicure). All you need is a little pot to keep the beads in, a bigger tub (where excess beads drop), a nail colour of your choice and a top coat.

- Choose a base colour and paint it onto your nail (I used one quite thick coat)
- Hold your finger over the larger tub and pour beads over the nail until completely covered; repeat on all nails and let them set for a minute or two.
- Paint some good quality topcoat over the top to try and seal the beads onto the nail.

And there you go, a Micro-Bead manicure for £1.75!

I love the look of these especially for a special occasion; not so sure about the feel of them but they are very eyecatching. Unfortunately for me longevity is pretty much nil, they are so easily flicked off but as I say it'd be ideal for a night out or 2 days absolute tops because after that they start to look scruffy as some of the beads have fallen off. This isn't anywhere near as messy as I first thought, they don't drop off in bed like I thought they would, they just come off during everyday activities (i.e. Washing up, opening cans etc.)


  1. That looks great, and so simple! Thanks for the heads up xx

  2. This looks lush, well done :) I'll definitely be giving this a go (this way- not by buying the brand name 18 quid bottles!) for a night out and stuff. Looks so pretty and for the price I don't really mind if it doesnt last! xxx

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  3. This looks brilliant-and what a bargain too.
    Shall bookmark this :)


  4. This looks great! And what a great price too!
    Will definitely be trying it out!

  5. These look amazing!


  6. I really love the idea behind it but for only two days.... that really makes me hesitate! It's so cute! I feel very conflicted.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  7. i wont be trying it but it looks amazing on you :)

  8. This looks incredible! I'd love to try it but I'm so blimmin' clumsy they'd probably fall off after half an hour! xxx

  9. I tried this last weekend and I will be posting some pictures this week. The effect is amazing x

  10. This looks cute, I bet it's a pain to take off though!


  11. WOW at those nails!

    found your blog via facebook on the Northern fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers page. I'm also from Yorkshire (York) so it's cool to see other northern girls' blogs and support :)

    Now following!

    Myfanwy xoxo


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