Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I got a lovely surprise the other week when I got a tweet from Laurzrah to tell me that I had won her 150 Follower NARS Blush Giveaway and I was asked to choose the shade I would like; seeing as I dont have any really pink blushes I thought I'd go for Angelika* because it looked like the perfect sparkly Barbie Pink shade.

I sort of knew what to expect quality wise as I already have Deep Throat and I absolutely love that one but obvbiously Angelika is very very different in terms of shade and wearability. For me, Angelika isn't a shade I would wear daily purely because it's just too sparkly, had it been a more matte shade it would probably be easier to wear but as it is I will look great for special occasions or nights out when I wear a little bit more makeup and I don't mind a bit of sparkle. I think its also nice that this is a more 'traditional' blush colour (like the sort you expect blusher to be when you're little) rather than a peachy shade which I often use to help contour as well as blush.

I think it does suit my pale skin tone but as I say it's just not my normal kind of shade, however I am really pleased that I chose this as I think we all get a bit wrapped up in what's popular and forget about the less popular shades offered by brands like NARS so it's nice to discover something I enjoy without being told 'you'll love this'... if that makes any sense at all?

You can buy NARS Angelika and other shades from NARS Online for £21.00. After trying this shade I now have my eye firmly on Gaiety which I think is a matte pink (judging by website swatches).

What's your favourite 'undiscovered' NARS blush shade (aside from Deep Throat and Orgasm)?


  1. Yay, glad you like it :D xx

  2. Gaiety is indeed matte - but somehow still looks glowy in your cheeks because it's quite sheer - I've reviewed it before on my blog and have now hit pan which is the first time I've done that with a blusher for years.

    I like Angelika, but I LOVE Gaiety.


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