Sunday, 5 August 2012


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will probably know that I graduated recently, so before I get back into the swing of all my beauty related posts (trust me I have a pretty big backlog!).

Graduation was full of mixed feelings really, finishing university was a huge relief for me because to put it bluntly, it did my head in for reasons which I will elaborate on in a minute but then on the other hand I met some really nice people who I will never forget and hopefully won't lose touch with.

So I'll start on the Pros of going to University.

- You should hopefully widen your knowledge of a subject you love and come out with a degree
- You meet some lovely people
- You get student discount in lots of shops
- Even if you can't afford to go the government will help with fees

Umm yeah well that's about it really, I can tell you now that for me, the 'cons' far outweighed the 'pros'

- Your degree definitely does not guarantee you a job
- It can be very cliquey
- It is very hard work and if you are not willing to push yourself it probably isn't for you
- It costs A LOT and even more so when the fees go up
- You cannot afford (in money or time) to party all the time in the second and third year, it is NOT a three year party unless you want to come out with a rubbish classification (unless you are a superhuman genius who can bash out an A grade essay in 8 hours)
- Be prepared for it to be a massive shock to the system, I honestly thought it was going to be the making of me; moving to Leeds and starting a new chapter of my life, living the boho city lifestyle.... When in reality I didn't fit in with my flatmates, it cost an absolute fortune and I ended up back at home permanently after Christmas, and I still had to pay full rent as the Ts & Cs stated that unless you personally found a new occupant, you had to pay the rent whether you were there or not.
- Driving to and from Leeds was such a pain, especially when some days I only had an hour or 2 of teaching so make sure that if you don't want to live near your university that you don't go somewhere too far from home!

Have you been to University? If so, what did you think?


Are you planning to go to University in September?


  1. Im planning to go to Uni in september(if i get in!), im really excited but i think i know the cons too. I mean, id love to party for three years but it's just not realistic! Im just hoping i get on with everyone in my halls/on my course :)
    Great graduation pic btw!

  2. I dropped out. Twice. For various combinations of the above reasons. I really, really admire you for not only writing this but for sticking with it. I'm lucky that I landed on my feet and now do a job that is not glamorous but pays as much as a young graduate's wage and so keeps us living. I fell out of love with illustration because of my two attempts at degrees and probably woukd've been more successful freelance and degree-less.

  3. Congratulations on your graduation you clever girl. I always wanted to go to university but during my last 2 years at high school I was bullied mercilessly, this resulted in me being to frightened to go to school and as a result I didn't sit any exams. I have got lots of qualifications since, although I didn't go back to college until I was in my 30's. This year I have enrolled to do a degree in Criminology and Psychology with the Open University, I am not doing this for any other reason than for self satisfaction, I don't expect it to be easy but it is something I have always wanted to do and I'm really looking forward to it :) Jude x @jadlgw

  4. I agree about University being cliquey! I'm only in my first year but it has been a good first year, my flat mate's are amazing where as the people on my course are all in little groups so it's hard to fit in.
    Congratulations on your graduation!

  5. I totally agree with both the pros and cons you wrote.. it was exactly the same for me too and now I've graduated I'm struggling to find a job.. starting to think it wasn't worth 4 years of hard work! congratulations on graduating though!! It's a great achievement :) xxx

  6. i completely agree with you!!the uni i ended up in was my second choice so i immediately felt isolated and didn't get on with alot of my housemates as we were so different, they were very cliquey on my course and although ive made some great friends i felt like i was pushed aside in some situations. I spent most of my three years coming home to haha.. brilliant post hun!! i think my pros and cons would defo be the same xx

  7. Gotta agree with what you've said - 2 years on from when I graduated, and I am STILL fighting to get a damn job!!! I too like someone above am wondering whether the 3 years really was worth the effort, stress and upset because I sit here and think it hasn't paid off at all!!! Nevertheless, I am still pleased for seeing it through to the end and coming out with a piece of paper, and some glossy pictures! lol

    Congratulations on graduating :)

  8. i have deduced (i think) from this photo that you went to leeds met... i went there too! i have a picture of me with a very similar background! lol. I loved uni, i had a hard year the first year i lost two grandparents that christmas and missed about a month of uni kind of grew apart from those flatmates after, used unipol to find the next lot, it was ok didnt not get along with them but didnt socialise with them but societies came in here i was in the RAG society. But third year was the making of it i met some brilliant people who i truely believe will be friends for life. I almost feel it worked in my favour not getting on with them swimmingly second year i saved money on nights out and spent more time doing work. Im back home now, miss leeds sooo much! x

  9. I haven't finished uni yet but I do agree with so many of those cons because second year was a massive downhill spiral for me so I'm hoping I can conquer everything in final year. There's so much pressure to live up to expectations that it just kinda takes the motivation and passion for a subject away and instead you're left feeling a little bit lost. (: It's nice to see, in a way, that not everybody has the perfect uni life you read about (: xx


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