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Some of you may/may not know that I've been on holiday this week and I expected to be without internet for at least 4 days. Thankfully that didn't happen and I paid extra to have WiFi in the cabin, however before I went away Zoe very kindly agreed to do me a guest post. She has a blog ( she tweets quite a lot (@what_a_twit) and has a penchant for beauty and QVC. Here's what she had to say...

First, a little bit about me:

At 29 years old, I have tested many, many beauty items over the years. Like most girls, I love clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, but for me, hair and beauty is where my heart lies. Obviously, then, I am willing to spend my money on items that Isee as an investment. There are many ‘budget’ items which I love too, but for me, I would rather spend money on products for my hair and face than on a pair of shoes or a dress that I might wear once or twice. After all, my face has to last me a lifetime!

What are my problem areas?

Apart from my body (Let’s not go there - it’s January - detox anyone?) I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone; this is manageable and I don’t get spots that often, but the clogged pores are something which I have tried (and often failed) to combat. There are many different products out there that claim to reduce the look of enlarged pores, but I have not found many that make much difference on my face. As my face can become greasy, choosing products to provide the right level of moisture while limiting the development of spots, has, in the past been a challenge. I now have a few key items that I cannot live without - trust me, I have found myself with an empty pot on my dresser and find that my complexion becomes dull while my pores become clogged again quickly.

Having shopped around at department stores, online, in beauty boutiques and Spa’s etc, I have found a place where I can get the brands that I love, at a good price. Even better, you can use the items for month and if they make your skin spotty or clog your pores; or if the colour of a particular make up doesn't quite suit your complexion, you can return the item. Ok, there must be a catch... Well, actually, no there isn’t. All you lose out on it the return postage, and i’d rather that than being stuck with something I wish I had never bought gathering dust on the dressing table. I have sent a few items back with ease as they simply didn’t suit my skin type.

So where is this mystical beauty treasure trove? Are you ready for this... it’s TV shopping giant QVC. Was your instant reaction a gasp of breath and a comment about how those TV shopping channels are for old people, or that they only sell rubbish? Well many of my friends have the same misconception. They are the friends that pay £11 a bottle for a new shade of OPI nail varnish, while I get the seasons new collection of 7 bottles that makes each bottle a fraction of the price. They are the people who queue at House of Fraser for a single pot of Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner while I buy two limited edition colours with an eye liner brush as a free bonus item for the same price. I find that you get added value with the products when you purchase them from the QVC website

As someone passionate about all things beauty, I urge you to have a look. What are you waiting for?

So... what do I use?

My first item is the Clarisonic Mia Complete Sonic Facial Cleansing System QVC

Price: £121.00 P&P: £6.95

Bonus items included with QVC:

1 x sensitive brush head with cap (white)
1 x normal brush head (grey)
1 x delicate brush head with cap (blue)
1 x deep pore brush (white with blue interior bristles)
1 x Gentle Hydro Cleanser (30ml) – enriched with aloe and cucumber
1 x white mesh bag

Or, from the Clarisonic website £120 for the device with one brush head and charger. (makes sound financial sense to go with the QVC deal... non?)

You can use this with their cleanser, but that is not essential. I use mine with the cleanser or wash that I use in my morning or evening routine (I use Elemis Pro Radiance Cleanser and Elemis Tri-Enzyme wash which helps to resurfaces the skin. I love using the whole Tri Enzyme system as the results are amazing, but that is for another time and a higher budget. If you want a spa style treatment with the same visible results, look into it).

What are the benefits of the Clarisonic Mia?

  • Removes up to six times more make-up than manual cleansing
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps to reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Helps beauty products to be absorbed more easily

I must say, I LOVE the Clarisonic Mia product. Since using it, my skin feels smoother, my pores look visibly reduced and my complexion seems brighter. Plus, it is hassle free as can use it in the shower!

There are 3 other beauty items that I can’t live without that I will mention briefly.

1 - Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream - £49.56 for 30ml from QVC or
£79 from who are the official online shopping retailer for

I love this product as it is a light weight gel like formula which isn’t too heavy on my combination skin; it delivers all of the high quality ingredients that my face needs without bringing me out in spots. I love buying it from QVC as Keeley Aydin, who trains therapists for Elemis and has used the brand for over 20 years demonstrates the products and advises what to use and how to use it. She, often alongside Alison Young (QVC’s resident beauty expert), guides the viewers through each product but they aren’t afraid to say ‘Don’t buy this product if your skin is...... it’s not for you. Or, try this product if you’re worried about....’. I like their honesty - it doesn't feel like the hard sell.

I look out for the beauty days that are dedicated to Elemis as they make special collections for QVC called a TSV (Today’s special Value) that literally have hundreds of pounds worth of savings for a period of 24 hours compared to buying the items in a Spa or from their official site.

2 - Elemis Cellular Recovery Bliss Capsules - £62.00 for 60 from
or £59.52 from QVC including a 15ml tube of Elemis Oxygenating Night Cream (which is also brilliant - you can use it alongside the Marine cream but it is richer in texture, so it might not be for you).

These are specially measured capsules of oils to add to the skin morning and evening (pink which is a rose blend of essential oil for the morning and a green capsule which is a lavender blend of essential oil for the evening). This is a 30 day course.

Although they are an oil, they do not make my skin greasy or spotty - something that is hard to believe when you have combination skin! They deliver a little boost of anti-oxidants which make my skin feel supple and bright. They seem to balance my T-Zone and nourish the drier areas on my face. Plus, they just smell amazing!

3 - BareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation - £21.00 from QVC or £25 from

I have tried numerous ‘mineral’ foundations from a range of high street brands and at different prices since choosing to use this as my daily foundation. What I have found, when looking at the ingredient lists and trialling them, is that many seem to be blended with fillers such as talc - this makes feel and look powdery when applied on my skin. Not a good look!

I only use BareMinerals now; my shade is Fairly Light in the winter months or Fairly Medium/Medium in the summer. Although their trade mark application (Swirl, Tap Buff) takes a bit of getting used to, it really ensures that you don’t overuse the product and that you as you buff it onto the skin, you get full coverage. I love the fact that it isn't oil based and that I can do it quickly without even having to look in a mirror - I know the look is flawless. They have a multitude of shades which means you can get one that looks amazing on your skin. They do however, seem to blend to the colour of your skin whether they are lighter or darker which makes them look really natural. No more orange ‘tide marks’ around the jaw line!

There is one tiny downside though - when applying it for work at 6am on a morning, it excites my puppy, who HAS to jump up to see what I’m tapping, plus it drives my boyfriend mad - his catchphrase is now ‘Tappy, Tappy, Tappy’ followed by a loud ‘Tut’. He works nights though, so he can be forgiven for this...just about! What does he know about beauty anyway?


Well I thoroughly enjoyed that guest post, who knew that QVC was such a gold mine of beauty bargain opportunity, not sure my bank balance will thank Zoe for this but my collection definitely will!!   

What are your experiences with QVC?

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  1. i love bare minerals!
    I didnt think i would as ive always been full coverage but i do think that with a good concealer it looks much better then the caked on look!


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