Treaclemoon Her Mango Thoughts Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I quite like posting about bath products, my favourite kind of 'me time' is definitely in the bath where I can use all different kinds of products to pamper myself. I very rarely post about body butters and lotions because I simply don't use them enough to know what they're really like, so when I make a point of doing a post about a body butter you know it's got to be good.


'Her mango thoughts' Body Butter* £4.05 Treacle Moon 

I cannot express to you enough how much I have completely fallen in love with this body butter; everything about it totally works for me which is so unusual because normally I don't really get on with body butters. The main reason why I don't get on with body butters/lotions is because they seem to take an absolute age to  soak into my skin but this one from Treacle Moon just melts into my skin pretty much in an instant; it's not really heavy which is probably why it works well for me as there's absolutely no greasy residue after application and I don't have to wait 10 mins to do anything after I've put it on. 

The smell is absolutely amazing. Normally I don't go for fruity kinds of fragrance because I find they are a bit sickly but this Mango one smells just like Lilt (as in the drink), to the point where I'm sat here blogging, craving Lilt. It's not headache-inducing strong but it's strong enough to make you want to drink the contents of the pot!!! Everyone who I've showed this to have all said how gorgeous it smells; it's totally out of the ordinary for me to have a fruity smelling product in my cupboard, I'm normally one for oriental, musky kind of smells but this body butter has really broken the mould. 

Ray from Oh Who Is She recommends Mango Thoughts to keep your fake tan on longer and I can definitely vouch for this as I use Xen Tan at the moment which is supposed to give around a weeks wear in one application; since I've used it I've never got a week out of it but when I used this every other day it prolong my bronzed-ness easily to a week! I try and use this every other day whether I've tanned or not after a shower or a bath and I'm absolutely loving how it's making my skin feel! 

Even if you don't think you're a fruity lover I urge you to pick this up, it's only £4.05 on the Treacle Moon Website for 250ml which is a total bargain considering it's £13.00 for 200ml in Body Shop and in my opinion the Treacle Moon one smells much better. I honestly cannot rave about this enough!! 

Treacle Moon would also be a great brand to treat your mum with for Mother's Day, from what I can see on the Tesco Direct website, Treacle Moon has some great offers on in Tesco so definitely have a look next time you're in! 

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