Hydraluron review

Most of you will have heard about Hydraluron but I bet there are some of you thinking that it's not for you, I certainly did when I first read about it. The idea behind hydraluron is by using Hydraluronic acid, it helps the skin to hydrate better, dehydrated skin can cause your face to look old, dull and flakey. Hydraluronic acid is often what is injected into the skin when women go for treatments to make their skin look plumper and therefore younger. I didn't start using this because I have worries about looking old, I actually started using this because I realised that one of the problems I have is that my skin is dehydrated. You might not realise it but this can be a great skincare product for combination skin.

What is the difference between 'dry' and 'dehydrated'?

This is one of the main questions I think everyone needs to know the answer to, especially if you're unsure of what is actually the problem with your skin. I have found that I have an oily t-zone (forehead & nose) and dehydrated cheeks. To look at my skin you'd maybe think it was dry, especially where I have spots which are a bit flakey. 

The truth is that when your skin is dry, it is because there isn't enough natural oil, whereas dehydrated skin is lacking in water, which is where Hydraluron comes in for my skin, I know my skin doesn't lack oil because I get a breakthrough of shiny-ness around my t-zone midday if I'm not careful, but whenever I cleanse/wash my face it immediately goes really tight. 

You might think that if you have oily skin and/or spots that your skin doesn't need hydration and a lot of people tend to try and treat these problems by using products which totally strip the skin (harsh cleansers, alcohol toners, minimal moisturiser). These kinds of products can set your skin on a little vicious circle of being excessively dry & dehydrated which can then cause the skin to over product oils because it feels there aren't enough on the skin.

I urge you to look at your current skincare routine if it's not working for you and consider changing it if there are lots of harsh alcohol containing products included.




How do you use Hydraluron?

As soon as I see the word 'acid' I immediately think 'harsh', Hydraluronic Acid isn't a nasty acid it helps the skin absorb more moisture. I decided it was a good product for me to invest in because I don't like using really heavy moisturisers as they are sometimes too much for my skin, so I just use my regular Clarins Hydraquench lotion on top of Hydraluron. This is not a miracle cure which is used alone, you must use it alongside your skincare routine, I use this morning and night; I cleanse, tone, then apply Hydraluron then my moisturising lotion. Using this on it's own defeats the object, if you don't give it any moisture to soak up and hold in, it's not going to make any difference whatsoever. 

What does it feel like?

It's a clear liquid which feels a bit like a really watery serum, you don't need to use a lot otherwise your skin will feel sticky. I now understand why the tube is relatively small; because a little goes a long way. Initially when I apply this my skin does feel a little tight, but I think that's mainly down to my skin just drinking it up, as soon as I put moisturiser on it changes totally and feels absolutely fine. On a night I'll tend to apply more moisturiser than I do during the day just because I know my skin has got all night to drink it up. The only thing I will say about this is that during the first week of using this I found that my chin was actually a bit worse than it was before in terms of how dry and rough it felt, it actually bordered on flakey at one point but after reading several reviews I decided to persevere and after using it for over 2 weeks now I'm so glad I didn't stop using it.

What difference does it make?

I've made quite a few changes recently to different aspects of my skincare and make up and I've found they've worked really well together. I have added Hydraluron and started using Diorskin Forever foundation, I now very rarely get cakey looking skin, when I used Double Wear I found it would look cakey and patchy 9 times of out 10 whereas now Diorskin Forever is looking fine all day 9 times out of 10. Once spots have got over the worst and gone dry they tend to disappear a lot quicker instead of hanging around for weeks looking all dry and gross and overall my skin just looks and feels better.

Although this is £24.99 for only 30ml I definitely recommend it if you have issues with dehydrated skin. Don't assume that it's just for older women, as although it's great for improving skins elasticity, it's also great for improving the overall look of any skin age and type.

*massive thanks to Caroline Hirons for helping me discover that I have dehydrated skin!*

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