Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Some of you may remember that I have a little dog called Jasper, I was going to make a separate blog to write about him but I realised I had enough work on with Beauty Butterfly, so I thought I'd just write a short post updating you all on how he's doing. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you'll know that he's been responsible for all manner of annoyances in my life because of his destructive behaviour; remember the chewed up lipsticks/mascara/concealer? Yep that was all this little cutie's fault... 

just chillin'

I know he might not actually look like it but he's a working English Cocker Spaniel; he has literally just been clipped so he looks like a completely different dog. In the photo he's actually chewing on his favourite blanket, I think most dogs have a favourite toy, Jasper never goes anywhere without one of his blankets; they're like his comfort thing.

If you're reading this and you have a dog then chances are you'll totally understand where I'm coming from when I say he is like a best friend to me. I know that no matter what happens he will always be there wagging his tail looking like the happy chappy he is, ready to give me a cuddle and probably a little kiss. In my opinion, dogs really are one of the most loyal animals you can possibly own; which is probably why they are so easy to get attached to. 

waiting in anticipation for the next biscuit

Like most young dogs, Jasper has endless amounts of energy. I could literally walk him 20 miles a day and I still think he'd want more, he's always in and out of bushes, water, mud... you name it that boy's been in it! I think some times I baby him a little bit though because I don't want anything to happen to him so I'm always cautious of where we go for walks, weary of other dogs and also the environment around us. I have heard so many stories about active dogs who have been running around, fallen awkwardly and seriously injured themselves. This is my absolute worst nightmare, muscles can easily tear and bones can easily be broken, which can mean a very expensive trip to the vets which is why I think it's so incredibly important to take out pet insurance just in case*. It might seem an unnecessary payment every month but I think it's so important; it really could be the different between being able to get your dog treated for their illness/injury and not. Fortunately (touch wood!!!), we haven't had too many visits to the vet other than for vaccinations but I just like piece of mind of being covered for any eventuality. 

Do you like these little updates on Jasper?


  1. He is so cute. I completely understand when you say he's your best friend. My dog is mine and I spoil him rotten. x

  2. Aww, he's such a cutie. I love my king charles to pieces. I also see what you mean about insurance but they dont pay for most major surgeries; my dog has a heart murmur but they won't pay for any related surgeries :(


  3. Ohmygosh he is adorable! I always had dogs growing up and all of our books had their backs chewed off, if we looked away from dinner for a moment it would be gone, so I feel your pain. But they were absolutely part of the family xx

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  4. He is beautiful! Spaniels have such a lovely temparement x



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