Champneys Spa Treatments at Home

Instead of buying me chocolate for Easter, my mum got me a massive set of Champneys Spa Treatments products; the box contained 6 products, 3 of which from the Skin Comforting Range which I'm going to show you today.

I make no secret of the fact that I love a good bath, if baths didn't take so long to run I would definitely have one every single day over having a shower. Products like these make baths extra nice to have because they totally ooze luxury and really help to aid in relaxation whilst making your skin feel and smell amazing! These were my first Champneys products as previously I'd kind of just skimmed over the brand assuming the products weren't really for me, I'd always seen them as a bit of a 'mumsy' brand.

The idea behind Champneys is that you can have the experience of spa quality products in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price. Everyone loves a good spa day but for most people they're a rare luxury because they tend to be quite expensive, especially with brand names such as Champneys on the door. However, treating yourself to some luxe bath and body products for home use doesn't seem like such a splurge does it?

Shower Cream currently unavailable to be separately but can be bought as part of the Champneys Best of Spa Gift Set £10 Boots

The other products which came with the set were from the Citrus range which I don't enjoy so much, the Skin Comforting range is made with loads of skin nourishing ingredients (sweet almond oil, chamomile, wheatgerm, shea, coconut oil, milk) to make the range smell totally gorgeous, it's quite a soft powdery smell which really calms the mind and soothes the senses. I'm a massive lover of bath oils now but for when I don't fancy something as over powering as an essential oil this is perfect. 

I filled the bath up to the top, swirling the bath milk under the running water. The milk really is just that in the sense that it's very thin in consistency; I'm used to creme products for the bath so when it came out so quick I realised I didn't need as much as had actually gone in. But regardless of the consistency it still packs a punch in terms of scent and bubble factor; not the bubbliest bath I've had but it certainly didn't lack bubbles. 

The shower creme is so silky, equally as gorgeous smelling and the scent sticks around on your skin for a good while afterwards. When I've got out of the bath and my skin is still warm I put some body butter on because it melts so easily into the skin and tends to soak in a lot quicker than on normal temperature skin. I feel totally relaxed and moisturised when I've finished with these products, I absolutely love using them as part of some 'me time'.

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