Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Guest Post | The Speckled Nail Trend

Hi, I’m Sarah from Knickers and Nail Polish and I adore the speckled nail trend, it’s so easy to throw it on over the top of most colours to update the look of your nails.

The next polish to jump on the bandwagon is Maybelline who have brought out 3 colours are part of their Colour Show collection. The Maybelline Colour Show range is made of up loads of really vibrant colours, and now they have the top coats to go with, a pink, a blue and a green.
I picked up the blue in Shooting Stars – I’m a sucker for anything star & space related. Shooting Star is a beautiful blue jelly based speckled nail polish. Suspended within the polish is a range of black & white glitter pieces in various sizes.
Worn on its own, this layers to a turquoise blue with the glittery stars sprinkled across the nail easily – its nice to be able to place them where I want. On my ring finger I wore two coats over a clear base. On the other fingers I layered it over a navy blue from Models Own, really this was too dark for the black glitter and a brighter blue would have been better but it still looked really unusual.
It lasted about 3 full days, which is fairly good. It does give a textured feel if you like that, however a topcoat will smooth it out fully.
Over all, a lovely nail polish, a bigger bottle then the L’Oreal Confetti Topcoat, plus its only £2.99!! I can see me using this loads over the summer, I plan to pick up the other colours as soon as I can (my sister picked up the pink and that looked so sweet!)
What do you think? Do you love the Polka-Dot/Speckled Nail?

Jade: Well I for one think that this combination looks gorgeous on, I wouldn't normally go for blue shades of polish but I love this look! Thank you so much to Sarah for taking the time to write a guest post for me, if you love nail polish you have to have a look at Knickers and Nails

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