Sunday, 9 June 2013


Bare Minerals has been a brand I've been very much aware of for a fair few years now but I've never actually taken the plunge and tried anything from the range because I've always been under the impression that the coverage just wouldn't be enough for what my blemished skin needs even though it does claim to be able to over acne up. You may or may not remember that Zoe did me a guest post back in January; she swears by Bare Minerals as her day to day base makeup so I was really quite looking forward to trying it. 

Bare Minerals Starter Kit £38.95 Chemist Direct*

With the 9 piece starter kit you literally get everything you need to use Bare Minerals products to their full potential. You get 3 brushes; flawless face Brush, full flawless face brush and concealer brush... these alone would cost you in excess of £55 so already you've more than got your moneys worth in just the three brushes. I figure that with products like Bare Minerals it's best to use the brushes made by them so you know you're using the products to their full potential. I dare say you could use any brush with the mineral powders but I think it's always best to use what they recommend. The brushes are really soft and nice to use, they work perfectly with the mineral powders. 

You also receive a 15ml sample of the much raved about 'Prime Time' primer. I don't normally use a primer before my base makeup, I usually just use moisturiser and that's it but this primer is really like a barely there kind of product, it just glides onto the skin effortlessly and what I like about it is that it doesn't feel as powdery and cloggy as The Porefessional which I have used as a primer in the past. I do think that this primer helps give the mineral powder something to 'stick' to but I reckon you could go without it providing you moisturised first. 

Then of course there are the 'core products' to this starter kit, you get; Original SPF Foundation in Light and Fairly Light, Original Mineral Veil and Warmth All Over face colour. Each and every one of the little pots has their new 'click, lock and go' sifter lid so you don't risk spilling any or losing any if you're using this while travelling. 

Like Zoe said in her guest post, the application method of 'swirl, tap and buff' does take a little bit of getting used to but everything is fully explained in the DVD which comes with the kit, so if you're not confident with makeup application or application of mineral powders the DVD gives you some really good pointers. 

I used to think that I'd only get good enough coverage if I used liquid foundations and layered those with plenty of concealer but Bare Minerals has really surprised me in terms of coverage and I didn't have to stand there for half an hour putting layer upon layer on my face. I used the products exactly how it tells you to and I was quite impressed with the results. The formula isn't chalky or talcy and it feels very light which is a change for me as I'm used to wearing quite heavy base products in an attempt to cover the imperfections. 

As you can see it has caked a little bit around dry areas of my face and I'd say that if you have dry skin that is what you'd have to watch out for but I have an oily t-zone and the powder meant that I didn't have any oil break through for over 4 hours which is really good going for me. It's not the best coverage I've tried and it wouldn't be enough for really bad skin days but these products are perfect for summer and holiday use. I'll definitely be taking these to Greece when I go as I tend to get a lot of oil breakthrough when I use liquids abroad in the humidity. 

If you fancy trying this you can get the Bare Minerals Starter Kit* from Chemist Direct for £38.95; a fraction of the price of what it would cost you if you bought all the products individually!

Is Bare Minerals something you'd like to try?



  1. I've been wanting to try a mineral foundation for a while now and this set seems like a great deal! I'm quite scared of looking cakey, which I associate with powder but this post has definitely tempted me some more! xx

  2. Wow that's coverage! I thought exactly the same as you, powders cant give coverage but I may look into Bare Minerals now :) x

  3. If you want heavier coverage you can always try the Ready Foundation by BM. It's hydrating too so helps with dry skin! (I work for them so have tried both!) Also I tend to top my mineral veil up during the day as I have a really oily forehead and this stops the shine completely, which is a life saver when I pin my fringe up! Lovely review :) xxx


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