Stella by Stella McCartney Eau De Parfum Review

I have literally just got back from my holiday, I haven't touched the cases or even attempted to open the mail a. because I'm still in 'holiday mode' and b. because I really wanted to blog just to show you all that I haven't forgotten!!

I flew from Manchester Airport last week to Kefalonia and obviously I had a little look in the duty free shop before we boarded. I know some people go totally mental in the duty free because of the savings you can make but I had decided beforehand that I was only going to buy one bottle of perfume and that would be it as I'm at IMATS this weekend so I wanted to save my money for then. 

After sniffing lots of different perfumes I finally settled on Stella McCartney's fragrance in a limited edition 'Print Collection' bottle. 




I have actually had Stella before, someone bought me it as a Christmas present, normally I probably wouldn't give such perfumes a second look but I really fell in love with this and I haven't had it for a while. I'm a real lover of musky and spicy kinds of scents, this is actually described as a 'floral' scent but that kind of conjures up an inaccurate picture for me of what this really smells like. It's certainly a little more feminine that what I would normally wear, and although the scent is strong it isn't overpowering so it is perfectly fine to wear on a day to day basis.

To be honest this kind of 'floral' is similar to that of 'Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb' in that its quite sensual at the same time. 

Anyway I've described this gorgeous scent badly enough without continuing further! I just wanted to show you what I bought in the duty free really. This cost me around £31 for 30ml, this is usually £40 in Debenhams but you can get this for £33 on Fragrance Direct at the moment!

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