Rituals Happy Buddha Shower Gel and Happy Mist

With a name like 'Happy Buddha' and it's bright orange packaging how can anyone not be drawn to this new offering from Rituals? I was first introduced to the brand in the very early days of blogging when I got a shower gel in a Glossybox, ever since then I've yet to find a shower gel which foams and smells as good as Rituals. If you like citrus fruity bath and body products you'll love these!

Rituals Happy Buddha Happy Buddha foaming shower gel £7.00*
Rituals Happy Buddha Happy Mist bed & body perfume £15.00*

Inspired by good fortune, optimism and happiness, the 'Happy Buddha' collection has a citrus kick of a scent, the sweet orange being a really key note in this fragrance to kick start you and make you feel good. It makes the foaming shower gel perfect for using in your morning shower or if you're feeling a little bit sleepy before you go on a night out. It comes out as a gel and within seconds of coming in contact with wet skin it begins to foam; a little goes a very long way with this product, you literally need a penny sized amount to do most of what you want to do in a shower/bath.

The 'Happy Mist' light bed and body perfume is absolutely gorgeous for spraying on any bed linen or indeed most household materials to give them a quick freshen up if you've got guests coming round, and there's nothing better than making your bed cloths smell fresh before you get in for the night. I'm not overly keen on this as a body spray however I have been using it during the day instead of perfume sometimes but I do think it's more suited to bed linen etc. but that may be down to the kind of body perfumes I usually go for... what I spray on my body isn't what I'd want to spray on my bed because it's usually way too musky but Happy Mist smells beautiful on pillows/quilts and I would definitely buy this if they did it in candle form!

There's actually 7 products in the Rituals Laughing Buddha collection; 'Fortune' shower oil, 'Good Luck' scrub, 'Touch of Happiness' body cream, 'Fortune' shower cream scrub and 'Mandarin Bliss' anti-antiperspirant spray and stick. Obviously I have only tried the Happy Mist and foaming shower gel but I would have absolutely no doubt that the other products would be as nice! I can't wait to go back to York to have a look in the Rituals shop again!

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