Sunday, 7 July 2013


One of the most beautiful and undiscovered places on the East Coast is a place called Falling Foss in between Scarborough and Whitby. You'd probably drive straight past the signs without a second look if you didn't know what it was but honestly it's the cutest little place ever, especially if it's a nice day!

If you're into tea, cakes, nature or beautiful places then read on...!

Falling Foss tea garden is set in the grounds of Midge Hall which was originally built in 1780 and was used as the game keepers cottage until the early 1900's when it became a tea garden, unfortunately in the 1960's it was abandoned and became derelict until 2008 when the building and grounds were renovated to restore the tea garden to its former glory. 

 The path leading to the gardens from the car park as unless you are disabled or less able, you cannot take your vehicle past a certain point which is clearly signposted at the top, the walk down is all part of the visit though because it's so beautiful and tranquil. 

 Falling Foss is like Alton Towers for dogs, Jasper absolutely loves playing in the water under the bridge, it's deep enough so he can swim but safe enough so we don't worry about him getting stuck. Every time we've been we have seen other dogs at the stream playing with sticks and balls, it's an absolute pleasure to watch. There's also a boat which has a sign on it saying 'this belongs to the children of Midge Hall' so I'm guessing the children have some really fun times in the summer in their boat!

 Natural beauty at it's best.

The tea garden itself if very spacious with plenty of places to sit and relax while you enjoy your cup of tea, scone, cold drink... whatever it is that takes your fancy. All cakes etc. are hand made where possible and I highly recommend the scones with jam and cream; they're gorgeous! There's also a wooden play area for children and public toilets. Everything is very simple, yet so beautiful. There's no pretense or snobbery in this tea garden, it attracts so many different people from walkers and families to couples young and old. You can even have your wedding here which I imagine would be so magical!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy Falling Foss, it's open from April to October 10.30am - 5pm (subject to change in bad weather) and it's situated 5 minutes away from Whitby, 15 minutes from Scarborough in Sneaton Forest. Falling Foss Directions.

I thought it'd be a really good idea to add some 'Beautiful Britain' posts to my blog as I think it's one of the most understated countries in the world in terms of beauty and lovely places to visit. There are so many hidden gems and I'm going to try and share any that I find when I'm on my travels!

Is Falling Foss somewhere you'd like to visit? Please let me know if you already have!

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