Neal and Wolf Cleansing Shampoo and Intensive Care Conditioner Review

My hair is about ready for a cut, but I can't get in for another week or so with the stylist I'd like so I've broken out the big guns with regard to shampoo and conditioner because I have bleached hair and my split ends are almost out of control but I still need hair products for oily hair. Usually I can get away with missing out conditioner every other wash but at the moment my hair really is like straw if I don't put some conditioner on the ends; it's hard to brush and almost too unmanageable to style. But the Neal and Wolf Cleanse and Treat Duo has made washing my hair a little more bearable. 

Neal and Wolf Cleanse & Treat Duo - £19.95*

I've not really dabbled in high end shampoo and conditioner because my opinion used to be that it was just washing the dirt out of my hair, how can brands differ so much? I realise now that I've experienced high end, that is does make a difference what you use on your hair in terms of how good it feels when washed and conditioned. 

Containing silk and milk proteins the Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo cleans and boosts moisture to help tame fly-away hair (which is often a problem with fine hair but equally so when any hair type is damaged). And of course it is suitable for daily use which is ideal for me because no matter what shampoo I use I struggle to go more than 24 hours without washing my hair. 

I'm not sure whether the Harmony Intensive Care Treatment is meant for daily use but I've been loving using this every day, it's given my hair the injection of moisture it needs because it's so in need of a cut. I have actually noticed a massive difference between this conditioner and high street brands; this seems to penetrate my hair rather than just sit on top of my hair feeling silky for the couple of minutes that it's actually on my hair. Once it's washed out, towel dried and even blow dried I can still feel a massive difference which I can't say I've ever had with a high street brand; they usually condition enough for me to get a brush through my hair while wet but as soon as I start drying it gets harder and harder.

The scent of these Neal and Wolf products is like a soft perfume, they smell expensive (I'm sorry if you don't know what I mean, I have a very rubbish way of describing smells) but anyway it's how I would expect a high end shampoo/conditioner to smell... I always loved using my Nana's Paul Mitchell shampoo years ago because it had a gorgeous signature salon scent, Neal and Wolf is much like this but more on the glam side I think. The packaging also looks lovely in your bathroom, minimalist but screaming luxury!

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