Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

Today I bring you another beauty of a product introduced to me by the wonderful Caroline Hirons. If you don't know who Caroline Hirons is, and you value your skin, I suggest you Google her now. Alpha-H is one of her recommended products to help with acne breakouts and a whole load of other skin complaints so I snapped it up and I feel like I can review it properly now as I've almost finished it.


Alpha H Liquid Gold £31.50 (the packaging has changed since I bought it)

Liquid Gold isn't as glamorous as it sounds, it's not actually liquid gold, in simple terms it's a chemical exfoliant which helps to reduce the appearance of minor skin complaints such as acne, scarring, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation. 

It can be used one of two ways, you can either use it under moisturiser or without moisturiser for a more intensive treatment but Caroline Hirons recommends that you only use this up to 3 times a week because it is quite an intensive treatment and any more would be too much for most skins tolerance levels. It increases skins ability to retain moisture (this and Hydraluron and your moisturiser are a FAB combination) and helps to minimise break outs. 

Basically what I've been doing with this is using it without moisturiser 2 out of the 3 nights I've used it and I noticed a massive difference in the surface of my skin in the fact that I have real trouble with black heads on my nose (they're so unsightly, I hate them) and using this has really helped to reduce them, it has made my skin so much smoother and easier to apply make-up on. Before using this my nose would cake so easily with foundation and quite frankly it looked disgusting. 

I actually stopped using Alpha H for about 2 weeks just to see what happened to my skin, to really confirm that it had made a difference, and low and behold the roughness returned to my nose and my make-up became noticeably harder to apply in that area. I can't say it reduced my acne a LOT because it didn't work miracles but I do need to keep this in my routine because it is helping, it also might help with the scarring in the long term which would be absolutely great because as I tweeted the other day, my face is looking more and more pitted due to the scars!

I know it's a bit steep in terms of price at just over £30 but like I've heard Caroline say many, many times... if you'd spend that on a bag or a pair of shoes why not on your face which is on display every single day whether you like it or not!

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