Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gift Ideas | Letterbox Cake

About a week ago I was asked if I wanted to try a cake. They had my sold in pretty much the first sentence but what I didn't realise until I read on was that it was a cake that came in the post from a company called Baker Days, no need for me to move, I just order it online and wait for it to arrive. If you were to say not to that you've gotta have a pretty good reason (an intolerance may not even be enough of an excuse because they also do gluten free cakes!) 

Belgian Chocolate Chip Letterbox Cake £16.99 (incl. delivery) Baker Days

Letterbox cakes are quite petite, they have to be to fit through your letterbox but although they're small they're perfectly formed and they taste gorgeous!! This chocolate one was so moist, and the icing layer was quite thin so you didn't just taste the icing rather than the chocolate aswell. It comes very nicely presented in a round tin which also contains some balloons, some candles and a party horn. 

If you're not a chocolate fan they do other recipes for the cake; a sponge option which takes the price of the cake down to £14.99 and they also do a fruit cake and a gluten/wheat free cake both for £16.99.

They do cakes for every occasion, I was going to go for the selfish option and just get a cake for myself just because I could but I decided to go for one of the Bright Side designs for my husband. They do personalised cakes aswell so you can add names as well as your own photos depending on the occasion. They also do larger celebration cakes depending on how many portions you need and also boxes of cupcakes . To give you an idea of the size of this one I could carry it on the palm of my hand so I'd say it spans roughly from my little finger to my thumb at full stretch. 

If you're stuck for something to get someone and you're bored of buying flowers then I'd definitely suggest a letterbox cake, it'd be a lovely surprise for anyone! 


  1. Mmm! The pictures looks delicious! Thanks for sharing <3
    Kallie, But First, Coffee

  2. This is fab! what a great idea as a gift, especially if you cant be with someone on their birthday or a special occasion!.

    Becks x

  3. This is the cutest idea! I would be totally made up if someone posted me a cake :D


  4. I've seen a few posts about these cakes and oh god they look absolutely amazing! It's such a good idea!

    You have a lovely blog, new follower over here! Can't wait to see more posts xx

  5. This is such a great idea! I'd love to receive a cake in the mailbox - I'll definitely be dropping hints to the boyfriend now!

    Christina | Passion Obsession


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