Dove Intensive Repair Daily Conditioner Review

This was actually a product I discovered when I first started blogging as it came as a sample size in Marie Claire. I love the feel of conditioner, how soft and manageable it makes my hair but what I hate about so many conditioners, especially intensive repair ones, is that they weigh my hair down and make it greasy within hours of it being washed. Is it really too much to ask to have soft, clean hair for longer than 12 hours?

Dove Intensive Repair Daily Conditioner £3.99 Boots*

Normally I would just use a regular conditioner daily and then a more intense treatment once per week but Dove Intensive repair is designed to be used as your daily conditioner. I still love this as much as I did when I had the little sample sized one, I guess I just forgot about it because I'm constantly trying new products suitable for oily hair and I very rarely buy the same shampoo/conditioner twice because I'm convinced there's always something better no matter how much I like the product. 

This is an intensive conditioner but it doesn't weigh my hair down, I use it from half way down my hair to the ends of my hair, concentrating more at the ends as these tend to become very split and damaged very quickly. You don't have to keep this on for any longer than 1 minute if you don't want so I tend to shampoo my hair first and then apply this and have a wash etc. while this is working. Once a week I leave this on a little longer (5 minutes or so) and it leaves my hair really soft and manageable. 

I don't think this is as nice as the Neal and Wolf Conditioner I used but this is a fraction of the price at £3.99 (Neal & Wolf works out at around £10 per bottle). If you suffer from dry hair or for whatever reason you're looking for a really good, affordable conditioner then I'd definitely try this. The only hair type I'd be a bit weary of using this on is thin hair mainly because it is very thick and creamy and I'd be a bit concerned that it may weigh thin hair down. But my hair is quite thick and reacts really well to this.

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