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A couple of weeks ago me and my husband came back from a weeks holiday in Kefalonia, you may have seen my post reviewing the Magnolia Resort where we stayed in the small resort of Katelios. Our resort was quiet with only a few hotels and some sea front tavernas so we decided that it would be a good idea to hire a car and actually explore the island which is something I've never done before when I've been on holiday. The first day we stayed in Katelios and had a look down at the sea front to see what we had on our door step, the beach at Katelios mainly pebble and isn't the widest beach, which I aren't too keen on because it means sunbathing isn't as comfy and going in the sea is difficult unless you have proper shoes (which we don't have)

 A nice shaded area on a bench

 Motor boat hire on the sea front, Katelios
 Not the prettiest beach at Katelios, the sand was 'littered' with bits of seaweed, grass, stone and wood.

 The water however was beautifully clear

As you can see, the sand is mixed with lots of pebbles and stones, not good on your feet!

Katelios was a nice base but to be honest there isn't much going on, it is very quiet and isn't for those who like a late night... but I must also say that I don't think Katelios is an island for anyone who wants late night entertainment; the general rule for Greece is that all outdoor music is turned off for 12 and all businesses adhere to this.

Our little 1L Fiat Panda, used for getting us up and down and round the corners of Kefalonia, poor thing. However, it served us well; it had air conditioning and was amazing on fuel economy!

We decided there were quite a few places we wanted to see in the car and we managed to do it all in 1 day, a whole 6 hours of driving which did take its toll towards the end but at least we could see the whole thing and decide if we wanted to revisit anywhere the next day for longer. We wanted to visit all the most talked about beaches with some quiet little cove beaches along the way!

 Antisamos Beach (the Italian encampment on Captain Corelli's Mandolin) 

 Teeny Tiny beach we found, we both went in for a quick dip on the way to our next destination, stones/pebbles were a real issue here though!

 Myrtos Beach

This is such a beautifully different beach, the water is such a vivid blue it's like something out of a cartoon, the only thing with it is that the current is strong so they don't recommend that you go out very far as there's a danger of even the strongest swimmers getting stuck. It was also the site of the mine explosion in Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Karminia Beach - Our Favourite

You can walk out for ages in the sea without it getting any deeper than your waist. It is the site where turtles often lay eggs and although we didn't see any of this if you go at the right time of year they say that you can see some tell tale signs of turtles!

Looking back, we had a great time in Kefalonia, at the time I was a bit disappointed that the beaches weren't as sandy as I'd hoped but on the balance of things it was a really lovely holiday. Once we found the beach we liked we were all set but what I will say is that unless you like staying in the same resort for a week, you need to hire a car because all the different beaches are unreachable without a car. 

If I was to go back I would not stay in Katelios as although there were some nice tavernas on the sea front, there wasn't a lot more life in the resort, I do think Skala is better in terms of life and things to do (which is the next resort along). 

Have you ever been to a Greek island?


  1. I have never been to a Greek Island before, but the beaches are very beautiful :)



  2. This looks gorgeous Jade! Definitely want to visit Greece sometime soon. I've heard of a few great places to visit so I'll be hiring a car to get around to see the sites :)

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

    1. Yeah a car is definitely worth it, about 100 euros for a couple of days x

  3. I've never been to the greek islands before it look so beautiful

  4. Ahhh I love Kefalonia :) I've been twice and we stayed in Lassi both times. Such a beautiful place, so tranquil x


  5. Im heading to Malia in a week, so excited never been to Greece before and your blog post has made it look beautiful! I'd love it if you checked my blog out and commented telling me what you think x http://its-called-fashion.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Wow. I like the blue, blue sea. You're absolutely right. It looked like out of a cartoon show. I really like to be in Greece as its one of the good holiday destinations for families.


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