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Blogger Discovery | Becky from Little Blog of Beauty

1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there? (Feel free to add links to all your social media/YouTube account aswell)

My name is Becky and I write a beauty blog over at I also spend most of my life on Twitter so come over and say hello @lilblogofbeauty.  I have also finally got Instagram (my old phone wouldn't support it) and you can find me @thelittleblogofbeauty.

You'll mostly find product reviews on my blog at the moment as I find them the easiest to do while I'm trying to finish my uni work.  Once uni work is out of the way I hope to get a bit more creative and start doing nail art and other types of posts.

2. What is your...

Hair Colour:

My hair is supposed to be chocolate brown (out of a bottle) but instead it's pretty much black.  My natural hair colour is blonde.

Hair Type:

Unfortunately my hair is greasy. I used to wash it every day, which was a pain when it was really long, but I have got it down to every other day now.  In general though my hair is in very good condition.

Skin Type:

My skin is dry to very dry with eczema patches.  However, in a couple of areas my skin is quite oily. 

3. What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?

I would probably say most reached for or favourite products posts.  Before I buy something new that I haven't tried before I like to check blogs for reviews and if the product appears on most reached for or favourites posts then I know it's likely that it'll be a good product.  Nail art and lipstick posts also go down well with me.

As I've said I only really do product reviews at the moment but once I manage to get more into nail art I'm sure those will probably be my favourite type of posts to do. 

4. What is your current Skincare Routine? (Feel free to include a link if you've blogged about it recently)

I believe I have a very simple skincare routine compared to some bloggers.  In the morning I just wash my face with water.  Many face wash products dry my skin out and I don't want to have to worry too much about trying to get moisture back into my skin to make a good base for makeup.  I then just apply a day moisturiser.

At the end of the day I remove my makeup (if I've worn makeup that day) with a cream cleanser or more recently I have tried micellar waters after being part of Escentuals Micellar Water Blind Trial.  Then before bed I'll wash my face with some kind of face wash and if my skin is quite dry apply a facial oil and then a night moisturiser or just the moisturiser if my skin is not too bad.  Then at least once a week instead of a face wash I use a melting gel cleanser followed by a hot cloth cleanser and then a moisture mask which I leave on as long as possible, if not all night.  

I've only recently started using skincare in the last couple of years as I approached my 30's (yes I previously didn't even use moisturiser) but as I get older I think I will probably step it up.  

5. What is your favourite Foundation product? 

I have used Max Factor's Facefinity Compact foundation for years now and it was only when I started blogging that I started trying liquid foundations again.  Of the liquid foundations that I have tried my favourite is Lancome's Teint Visionnaire which I was part of the Debenhams Beauty Club review panel for.  I do use liquid foundations more now but I still like how quick and easy a compact foundation is to apply and I always make sure I use this if I'm doing some filming work so there's no reflection/glare on my face from shoot lighting.

6. We all know nobody's perfect, so what do you think is your biggest beauty sin? (for example, always missing out the 'toning' step of your skincare or not washing your brushes enough)

I'm actually struggling to think of one! I do miss out the toning step in my skincare routine but that's because I don't like using toner because it doesn't really agree with my skin.  Previously I rarely washed my makeup brushes at all but I didn't use many and I made a resolution this year to wash them regularly, which I have stuck to.  So I guess my biggest sin would be keeping products way past when they should have been disposed of.  I recently wrote a blog post on the shelf life of products, expiry dates and the PAO symbol.  

7. If you had to shop at the same clothes shop for the rest of your life, where would it be?

That's quite a difficult one for me because at 6ft tall I'm quite restricted with where I can buy trousers that will be long enough for me.  Some shops I may just buy trousers from because they offer a tall range (although tall ranges are often too long for me) or longer lengths, but I might not be keen any of the other clothes they sell.  Not worrying about trouser lengths I would have to say probably Oasis.

8. What's the best opportunity that's arisen from your blog?

I haven't been blogging for very long, just over 6 months now, so there haven't been many opportunities but I would say getting to go to the Harvey Nichols Bristol fashion and beauty bloggers event where we were pampered (even if I did unfortunately have a reaction to one of the products used!)

9. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to any blogger?

I don't really think I'm in a good position to be able to offer any advice regarding blogging as I've been doing it for such a short time.  But I think you definitely need to try and do things your own way and not just copy what you've seen others do.  

10. Finally, name some of your favourite bloggers/YouTubers...

At the moment I don't actually watch YouTubers very often but once my uni work is out the way I'll be able to concentrate more on watching them.  My favourite bloggers would be Victoria over at In The Frow, Fee from Makeup Savvy, Laura from Belles Boutique, Jen from A Beauty Junkie in London, Hannah from Cosmetic Crave and there's probably loads more that I can't think of right now!


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