Why Makeup Forever HD Foundation Didn't Work For Me

I bought this when I went to IMATS in June and had really high hopes for it, I didn't research too much but I watched DiamondsAndHeels14 on Youtube (who has/had severe acne) and it seemed to work perfectly on her skin, albeit with other products aswell, her skin looked amazingly flawless in comparison to her no makeup face. Over the past couple of weeks I've been using it once, sometimes twice per day depending on how many times I feel I need to take off and reapply makeup. Obviously I'm looking for full coverage foundation suitable for oily and spot prone skin so we'll see how this did:

MUFE HD Foundation £32 Precious About Makeup

As a foundation product it is quite thick; medium to heavy coverage, the colour range is quite extensive, I'd probably compare it to MAC as I'm 118 (flesh) and I'm MAC NW18... it's slightly darker than my skintone but the 115 was too yellow for my skin. It applies easily and I tended to do it with my fingers or with a Sigma F80 brush, it took a while to sit well on my skin and I found that it was often quite difficult to cover things up with it without it looking cakey. It's supposed to be good for combination/oily skins as it's oil free but I have to say my face was shiny within an hour or so of wearing it so it didn't really do a lot for my oily skin.

Then all of a sudden my skin just seemed to say woah, no, there's something I don't like and I'm going to show you by breaking out in some of the most painful cystic acne I've ever experienced (second to that of what I got after using Emma Hardie Moringa Balm). I didn't put two and two together though and I carried on using the MUFE HD foundation as if there's no tomorrow, I just didn't click that it could be my foundation which is breaking me out. I would have been furious if I'd have spent £32 on this but because I bought it at IMATS it was quite heavily discounted to around £20 which isn't so bad. 

I had previously been using Lancome Teinte Visionnaire foundation and loved it but stopped because I'd bought this but I decided to go back to that and my skin has slowly got better; I haven't had anymore new spots since I stopped using it and I'm just concentrating on treating what it left me with. 

It might be recommended by Kim Kardashian but I definitely cannot recommend this as a foundation, my experience hasn't been good and I really wouldn't worry if you haven't tried it. It's difficult to get hold of in the UK but don't feel like you're missing out and don't go chasing it. I purposely have not put a photo of me wearing it with this post a. because the coverage is quite good and I don't want it to look like a deceivingly good product and b. I actually don't wish to put this on my face ever again.

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