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Blogger Discovery | Lynne from Cocktails and Daydreams

1. What is your name, where do you blog, and what are we likely to find there?
Hello everyone!  My name’s Lynne and my blog is called Cocktails & Daydreams.  My blog is a mix of beauty, fashion & lifestyle so there’s reviews, outfits, makeup tutorials, wishlists,and hauls as well as posts on holidays, days out, and blogger events.  I’ve also recently set up a Youtube channel where you’ll find me doing haul videos, follow-me-around type vlogs, and tags etc.


2. What is your...

Hair Colour: Blonde (although naturally it’s a light brown)
Hair Type:  Dry / damaged (due to the bleaching!)
Skin Type: Oily / blemish prone

3. What are your favourite type of posts to write and read?
My favourite type of post to write is my “Extracts” series, this is where I write up entries from my old teenage diaries, usually around a theme (like Valentines or Holidays).  My favourite posts to read are outfit of the days - I love taking outfit inspiration from other bloggers. 

4. What is your current Skincare Routine?
In the morning I use the Origins Clean Energy Oil Cleanser followed by the Boots Time Delay Toning Water and the Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvenating Treatment.  In the evening I take off my makeup with the L’Oreal 3 in 1 Micellar Solution then use the same cleanser, toner & moisturiser as the morning.  Every second night I also use Alpha-H Liquid Gold in place of my moisturiser to give my skin a bit of a treat overnight.

5. What is your favourite Foundation product? 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.  I love how this is buildable so I can choose to go for a light coverage or a full on base depending on the occasion (or how my skin is behaving that day!).

6. We all know nobody's perfect, so what do you think is your biggest beauty sin? (for example, always missing out the 'toning' step of your skincare or not washing your brushes enough)
Definitely not washing my brushes enough, I am terrible for that (I’m just incredibly lazy).  Also not washing my muslin cloths enough.  This is making me sound like a right mucky pup!

7. If you had to shop at the same clothes shop for the rest of your life, where would it be?
Hmm tough one, I do buy most of my clothes in Primark however I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the place.  If money was no object I’d probably shop at ASOS for the rest of my life – I’m forever bookmarking items I like and then deciding that I can’t really justify buying a £60 dress!  I recently won £200 of ASOS vouchers and I can tell you, putting together a basket knowing I didn’t have to pay for it was the best. feeling. ever.

8. What's the best opportunity that's arisen from your blog?
This is an easy one – meeting other bloggers.  I feel like I’ve made genuine friends through blogging, and it’s been a great opportunity to find people with the same interests as me (not many of my real life friends are interested in chatting about makeup and clothes!).  The Scottish blogging community is quite small so you tend to meet the same people at events and it’s really lovely when you turn up to something and see familiar friendly faces.
9. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to any blogger?
Don’t feel pressured to fit the “blogger” stereotype – just because you don’t have a fancy camera, or live in a house full of white furniture and bunting, or drink out of jam jars with paper straws, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a “proper blogger”.  Similarly don’t feel pressured to post a certain number of times a week, or to write in a certain way – it’s your blog, do what you want 

Also another tip would be that if you get the opportunity to go to a meetup or blogger event, GO!  I almost chickened out of going to my first blogger meetup and I’m so glad I didn’t as everyone was nice as pie and within about 10 minutes it was like being out with old friends. 

10. Finally, name some of your favourite bloggers/YouTubers...
Bloggers I love include elevatormusik, indigobuttons, & ghostparties.  On Youtube I love sprinkleofglitter, Tanya burr, & LeFoofTV.
Sprinkle of Glitter -
Tanya -

LeFoofTV -

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