Friday, 11 October 2013

Home Decor | Instagram Magnets with Stickygram

Instagram print companies have been doing their rounds since Instagram burst onto our phones a couple of years ago and I've always fancied having some of mine printed because the digital age often means that we never end up developing some of the good photos we take. Naturally when I was contacted by Stickygram I was happy to accept a set of 9 fridge magnets from my collection of Instagram photos. 

$14.99 for a set of 9 (free worldwide delivery)

If I'm totally honest I struggled a bit to find some photos that I'd like to print out because I tend to take pictures of a whole lot of nothing!! But I managed to find 9 photos; a few of Jasper, my friend Hayley's little baby boy Thomas, one of me on my graduation day, our hotel in Kefaloniaa photo of me and Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter at IMATS and a photo of me, Jason and Jasper together.

Until about a week ago I didn't have any magnets on my fridge apart from one from Blackpool and it did look a bit bare so I've jazzed it up a bit with my Slimming World certificates and the Stickygram magnets. The magnet prints have come out very clear and they're the perfect size to stick a few on your fridge.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram my user name is beautybutterfly, I do take some photos of some pointless stuff but you never know, you might learn something!


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