John Frieda Sheer Blonde Review

After finishing my bottle of Alberto Balsam I thought it would be quite appropriate to review the John Frieda Blonde range, if I went in Boots and I had to pick a bottle of shampoo which was a little bit more luxurious than the others, my choice would always be from the John Frieda range. Obviously I have blonde hair which is why I chose this particular range but you probably already know that there is a range for brunettes as well as red heads and there's also the John Frieda Full Repair range which I have also tried.

The main reason why  John Frieda is my choice of 'high street luxury' hair care is because it's like a salon standard treatment but without such a hefty price tag. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling clean, the conditioner makes it easier to manage and the serum is the perfect finishing touch to keep it from going frizzy. 

I double cleanse my hair with the shampoo, I have quite a lot of hair now (it's both long and thick!) so I think 2 applications does the job properly, I still only apply conditioner to the ends and I leave that on to work while I wash the rest of my body. I then apply the serum to the ends of my hair before drying and then another application after drying and straightening to just give it a final smooth out (only a teeny bit each time, you don't need to use a lot!).

Since using the Sheer Blonde range I've had a fair few people ask me if I've had my hair coloured (which I haven't, it's been almost 6 weeks since I had my last highlights done), so the 'highlight activating' claim seems to have some truth in it!! It doesn't weigh my hair down and it keeps it feeling really nice and the smell lasts until I wash my hair again. Like I've said in previous posts, hair care like this isn't essential to every day life but if you can afford it then I would say use it! If I had to pick one of these products as a 'must have' it would be the Frizz Ease Serum because it really keeps frizz to a minimum. 

You can buy all three of these products in your local Boots/Superdrug/Tesco, the shampoo and conditioner are £5.59 each and the serum is £6.29. There's usually offers on these in most places so keep an eye out if you were thinking of trying them, at the moment Boots has a 2 for £8 offer on!

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