Thursday, 10 October 2013

Makeup | Seventeen Metallic Eyes in Wild Nude

I'm a total sucker for any kind of special offer, especially in Boots. I'll always put my Advantage Card into one of the kiosks to see what special offers they have for me. Currently the machine gives me a voucher for a half price Seventeen 'Metallics' cream eye shadow or Eyeshadow trio. I opted for a Metallics one because I don't own many cream shadows (the only other one I actually use is MAC Paint Pot in 'Morning Frost). I chose 'Wild Nude' because nudes/browns are the colours I'm most confident with applying.

Direct Sunlight

What strikes me immediately about this product is how soft it is, I didn't expect it to be as easy to load onto a brush because other cream products that I've used have been a lot harder and not as easy to apply without it dragging a bit on my eyelid. The softness and high pigmentation means that these are a great way to ease yourself into using cream eye products. I tend to use it as a base for a nude eye look because I don't think it has enough staying power to use as a shade on its own; it just seems to slide off.

You can play with the intensity a little, I like to be quite sparing but as I say the pigmentation is good so you could use heavily for a more intense metallic look. It looks more bronze in the pot than it is, once it's on skin it does look more like a shimmery nude. Not great for a day look (I don't think) because it is quite high shimmer but for a bit of night time sparkle it's perfect. 

For £3.99 I think this is great value and the packaging is really nice (glass bottom, plastic top). These come in 6 different shades; if I'm totally honest this is the only one I'll be buying because I don't like the idea of high shimmer greens, purples and blues... I think I'd be at risk of being a bit Pat Butcher-esque. Some people can pull it off but I doubt very much that I'd be able to.

What are your favourite cream eye products? I'm looking to try some more!



  1. Such a pretty shade that's right up my alley. I have never heard of this brand...thanks for sharing!

  2. they have got rid of the kiosks in my boots, so no more offers untill I get them through the post! D: this however is cheap enough to give a go though, plus the colour looks lovely xx

  3. Lovely colour. I agree a little shimmery for daytime but its so pretty. I like cream shadows & might pop in to Boots and get a few of these

  4. Wow that shade is lovely, I so want to try it!

  5. What a beautiful shade, and such a bargain price too!

    Jennie xo |


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