Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Review

I know most of us are suckers for the stuff that Americans can get hold of across the pond, that we cannot here in the UK. Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial hand gel has done its rounds on UK blogs for some strange reason. For some even stranger reason, I went and bought it from eBay. 

Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer - £2.84 eBay

It comes in lots of different 'scents' and for whatever reason chose Japanese Cherry Blossom. It doesn't smell remotely like cherry in my opinion, it just smells like alcohol (which is essentially what hand gel is!). The bottle is absolutely tiny, I feel well and truely ripped off paying almost £3 for something that is around £1 in Boots/Superdrug/Tesco and I bought it purely because it's from Bath & Body Works. 

Funny how my mind works at times, this is a big reminder that not everything that comes out of America is all singing and dancing; this is very bog standard and really not work spending £3 on. In the US this is probably the cheapest of the cheap in hand sanitisers, and I bought it all because someone made it look pretty and desirable on their blog; the power of persuasion!

I think I'll be waiting for my trip to Florida to get hold of any other 'American must haves'.

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