Easy Slimming World Burger Recipe

This week I've been pretty much 100% still on plan (maybe could have eaten more Superfree, ie. Veg, Fruit and Salad), and my weightloss this week is...

- 3.5lb

I'm really really pleased with that as it's tipped me well into my 1/2 stone award and also got me slimmer of the week for this week.

I can't believe how much I've lost in only two weeks of being at Slimming World, I knew I could do the diet it's just having the motivation and the mind set to put it all into practise. This week I plan to keep it up with lots more superfree foods and I'm going to try and include more speed and super speed food in my diet (eg. Melon). Also I'd ideally like to keep my Syns down to around 10 per day rather than maxing it out to 15. 

Anyway here are some Slimming World meal ideas...

Slimming World Bacon Burgers

- Less than 5% fat Mince
- 1 Onion
- 1 Clove of Garlic
- Mixed Herbs
- 1 Egg
- Couple of Splashes of Worcester Sauce

- Crush the garlic clove, chop the onion into small pieces & beat the egg
- Combine everything together in a bowl (mince, onion, garlic, herbs and egg, worcester sauce)
 - Separate the mince mixture and make it into patties as thick or as think as you would like, as big or small as necessary. 
- Place the patties on a grill or on a BBQ for about 20/30 minutes, turning periodically. I think the key is to cook these fairly slow so as you don't burn the bottom/top.
- Towards the end of the cooking time of the burgers, add a few slices of lean bacon to the grill.

And the rest is up to your personal taste really, you can have it with or without bread (use a 57g wholemeal roll if you haven't already used your healthy B otherwise it would be syns), You can also add cheese as a healthy A if you haven't already used yours for that day. When I want to make my meals syn free by using ingredients as healthy extras I find that I mainly have to change my breakfast a little to fit in with this.

Chicken Dinner

Just a couple of syns for the gravy but technically you could use stock for it which would make it free; I don't because I like thicker gravy. As you can see, more than 1/3 of my plate has super free foods on it (carrot and turnip mash and broccoli).

 Cooked Breakfast

Perfect start to the day, only 1 syn for the whole thing (Tesco Light Choices sausages are 0.5 syns each) and I've got some super free on there with the tomatoes.

Peppermint Tea

I've been loving this as a night time drink or after a meal, it aids in digestion and is something different from tea/coffee which I would normally have to use milk in. It's an acquired taste but if you can get a bag from somewhere I would try it before you knock it!

Sour Cream & Onion Pringles 40g Tub (10.5 syns)

I really fancied a tub of these after we bought some to sell in the pub so after not using any syns on Sunday I decided to treat myself and I really enjoyed them. Not something I'd have regularly because of the high syn content but as a one off they are very nice. It's the little things like this that remind me that Slimming world is not a diet it's a healthy eating plan

Next week I'm aiming to lose 2lb, I only need 4.5lb for my stone award so I'm working towards that within the next two weeks. I know a 9.5lb weight loss is good but I'm wanting more now! The only thing that is stopping me this week is that it's our 1 year anniversary and we're going out for a 6 course meal, although I hear the portions are very small and I've seen the menu and it's mainly meat and veg so not too much to worry about I don't think!

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