Easy Slimming World Meal Ideas

Well this is the first week that I've thought I might have either maintained or put weight on, I was dreading the scales because it was our first wedding anniversary this week and we went out for a meal at a restaurant near us called The Peppered Pig; amongst some really nice, less than Slimming World friendly food I had about 4 glasses of prosecco and a glass of Bailey's to finish my meal off. I was good for the rest of the week so thankfully that seems to have saved my bacon in terms of weightloss. This week I lost...

- 2.5lb

I am really really pleased with that loss and it means that I have a total weightloss of 12lb and I'm only 2lb off getting my stone award so I'm working towards that next week. I have nothing stopping me in terms of events at the weekend so there's no reason why I can't do it. 

What I've been loving this week...

Shepherds Pie - The perfect comfort food, if made with less than 5% fat mince this is free on Extra Easy which is perfect for me because I like a good plateful and some broccoli on the side for my 1/3 superfree. You can use carrot & turnip mash if you wish; this would give you plenty of superfree but I've never tried this.

Pizza Topped Chicken - This is one of my all time favourite meals and there are so many variations of toppings, recently I've been using HP Honeysmoked BBQ sauce with cheese to make a low syn hunters chicken (1 syn per tablespoon of BBQ sauce & 45g mozzarella for Healthy A).  

Honeydew Melon - This is a super speed food which is great for a sweet kick and is something a little different if you're used to ordinary fruits like Apples, Bananas etc. I can easily devour a full melon. It's a messy food but bloody lovely.

Steak with butternut squash chips, cucumber and cottage cheese with chives - instead of using potato for my chips I tried butternut squash, it's more of a pain to prepare because butternut squash has a really really hard skin so it's harder to peel and chop up but they taste beautiful... and they're superfree! 

I'm still sticking to the fact that Slimming World is the best eating plan I've ever been on, I eat more now than I did before and I can still have some treats if I want! As I said I want to lose 2lb this week if I can as I'd like my stone award :)

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