An Unexpected Weightloss on Slimming World

This week is going to be quite a short and sweet post, purely because I don't really have anything to show you in terms of recipes a) because I've not had anything different and b) I have forgotten to take photos! I didn't have high expectations this week because I got very drunk for the first time in 5 years on Saturday night which then resulted in 6 chicken nuggets off the buffet on Sunday because I worked all day and felt pretty shocking!! Despite the things I thought would really damage my weightloss I got on the scales in group tonight to discover that I'd actually had a huge unexpected weightloss of 5lb!

Not that I'm complaining in any way, shape or form but considering I had about 40 syns worth of stuff on Saturday and 18 syns worth on Sunday I really didn't expect that at all!! But having said that every single other meal has been completely on plan with superfree and all that. 

I do believe that having superfree is the key to my weight losses, I religiously fill at least 1/3 of my plate with salad or veg which means that I put less of the higher calorie stuff on my plate and therefore I'm still eating as much food but not as many calories! I think people think that they can still lose lots of weight just by having 'free' foods which are meat & potatoes (+ other things, obviously) but they often are disappointed with weightlosses because they're still taking in too many calories. What I'd probably say is that if you don't put superfree on your plate at all you may as well count 1/3 of your plate as syns, because thats not how Slimming World works. 

I know salad and veg can be really boring but I tend not to have lettuce much anymore I have lots of different coloured peppers with cucumber and I love the pre chopped tins of roasting veg which you can get in Tesco for £1.55... probably slightly more expensive but it takes away the 'hassle'. 

Next week I'm hoping to keep up the momentum and lose 2lb, I only have 6.5lb to go to my 2 stone award which is what I was hoping for in time for Christmas. I reckon I can do that!!!

Due to the lack of photos this week I'll leave you a photo of me, dressed as a Mexican.

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