Blistex Relief Cream Review

As far as seasons go, I much prefer autumn/winter to spring/summer because I love wrapping up in cosy stuff and this years colours have got me really looking forward to wearing plum shade lip products! The only thing I hate about autumn/winter is the state it leaves my lips in, if I'm not careful I end up with dry, cracked lips which are an absolute pain to apply any kind of lipstick to! Vaseline and products like that are great for protecting your lips against the cold but they are no good at actually treating your lips once the cold has bitten. You need something with some kind of moisturising or medicated properties, Vaseline and the like are just barriers, they sit on your lips without penetrating any deeper. 

Blistex Relief Cream £2.59 Superdrug

Cracked lips can get really painful if you don't treat them and they are frequently exposed to cold weather. Blistex is ideal to use before you go to bed because you coat your lips and go to sleep so the medication can get to work without disturbing it by eating or drinking. It looks very white when first applied but once you've rubbed it into your lips you can't see it. It leaves your lips feeling a little bit tingly as it contains peppermint oil but it's nothing unpleasant. 

It contains camphor to help soothe your lips and also lanolin which helps to protect them from further damage. You can also use this to treat cold sores; I haven't used it for this as I never get cold sores (lucky me!) so I can't comment on how effective it is for that but I can say that within 3 days you can tell a difference in how your lips feel. My husband had a really bad crack on his bottom lip; nothing was helping so I told him to use this and it cleared up completely within 1 week! 

For £2.59 I don't think you can go wrong with this, it's so handy to have in your drawer in case you need it and it doesn't cost a fortune. It's a real no-frills product, the packaging isn't pretty and there's no gimmicks to it, it just works... and that's all you need to know :)

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