Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bath & Body | Imperial Leather Foamburst Bodywash

My mum has bought this ever since I was about 11/12 when it first came out and I've liked it as a shower gel ever since. They've recently brought out some new fragrances out and I got this one in Boots when they were on offer for £2.

straight from the pump

lather with the tiniest bit of water

If you like foam/lather/bubbles then this will definitely be your bag, you literally only need to press the pump very slightly to get enough out to cater for your whole body. It comes out like a gel but quickly starts to foam on contact with you hand and 'bursts' when it comes into contact with water. 

It is a little more expensive than some would be prepared to spend on a high street body wash but it is more luxurious than ordinary shower gels which give you lather but not to this extent. The honey and almond milk smells really nice, really comforting and great for unwinding in a bath. I tend to use this with a shower puff because the lather seems to be even better. 

If it's ever on offer or you're looking for an indulgent bath product without breaking the bank then this is for you. Full price is always around the £3 mark but like I said, I got it for £2 a bit ago. 

Do you have a favourite shower gel or do you buy whatever is on offer?


  1. I normally use Dove but this looks lovely.Imperial Leather reminds me that old fashioned soap they make,but I'd definitely use this! xx

  2. I really like this shower gel but I always forget about it, thanks for the reminder! I bet this one smells amazing! xx

  3. This looks so cool - I love really soapy body washes to use in the shower :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. I love these for the gym/swimming etc as I don't have to worry about sorting out a wet shower puff or whatever after as it's grand on its own!

  5. This is so unique I love the foam effect will have to get this <3


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