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From short and straight to long and curly, choosing hair extensions that suit your hair type isn’t always simple. With hundreds of different shades and materials to choose from, the seemingly simple talk of picking hair extensions can take weeks, even months, to master.

Today's post is from someone who knows exactly what they're talking about when it comes to hair extensions so read on to learn from the masters – the creators of Hershesons hair accessories – about how to pick the perfect hair extensions for your hair type and budget.

Synthetic Hair vs. Natural Hair Extensions


Hair extensions come in two different materials: synthetic and natural hair. While natural hair is obviously the more realistic looking of the two, synthetic hair is an excellent choice that can often look almost exactly the same as real human hair.

Synthetic hair is made of several different materials and comes in a range of quality levels. Cheap synthetic hair extensions tend to look somewhat artificial and rough – not a good look, unless they’re only used for temporary extensions or events.

Human hair is the more expensive option of the two, and tends to achieve the most realistic result. Speak to your stylist about the best option for you to learn about the different lifespans and looks of human and synthetic hair extensions.

Clip-In Extensions vs. Weaves vs. Pre-Bonded Extensions


Hair extensions come in three main types: clip-in extensions, full or partial waves, and pre-bonded extensions. Of the three, clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to install and remove, but tend to look more obvious than other hair extensions.

Weaves are knotted into your hair using tight, strong weaves close to the scalp. As these knots can be quite thick, weft hair extensions are recommended for women with thick, dark hair.

Finally, pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to your natural hair using a form of glue known as keratin. These discrete hair extensions are easy to maintain and tend to last longer than other hair extensions – in some cases, for longer than six months.

Choosing Hair Extensions that Fit in Your Budget


Hair extensions can cost a little or a lot, depending on your needs. Thousands of pre-bonded hair strands could cost several hundred pounds – and several hours in your local stylist’s salon – while clip-in hair extensions can be applied in mere minutes.

Choose hair extensions that fit both your budget and your requirements. If you’re in need of extra length and volume for a costume party of special event, you might not need to spend hundreds of pounds on pre-bonded extensions – a clip in fringe from Hershesons is all you’ll need.

On the other hand, if you’d like to add length and volume that lasts for months, it’s a good idea to invest in high quality, reliable hair extensions. Your hair is a vital part of your look – give it the time and investment that it needs!

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