Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hair | Label M Powder Pink Hair Spray Dye

This is only one of a few times that you will have seen me show my full on face on my blog, which seems daft really because it's a beauty/lifestyle blog but I've always been way too shy and pretty much hated the way I look so I've never wanted to post pictures of a full face. After losing a bit of weight, I feel a little more confident and I decided to review a pink hair dye that I've been experimenting with just lately.

Bleach London products have done their rounds and they provided various bloggers with some funky coloured highlights and dip dyes. I was recently sent a bottle of Label M Powder Pink Spray*; specially released for London Fashion Week, this spray in-wash out spray dye is designed to give you a pop of colour whilst giving your a soft matte finish and a light hold. Label M is part of the Toni & Guy brand which is celebrating 50 years in business this year!

Application is so easy, you just spray it in 10-15cm from your hair wherever you fancy (I obviously just went for the ends) and then you can either leave it or brush it out a little bit to make it more natural. The spray actually makes your hair a little bit straw-like because it's also texturising spray, ideal if you have fine flyaway hair. My hair is really thick so the texturising thing wasn't a big plus for me because it meant I had to add a little bit of serum to the ends of my hair to make it feel more natural. However, the longer you wear it the better it gets and if you like the ruffled short of do then this would be perfect without having to do much brushing/styling. 

I have mid blonde hair and the pink was noticeable but not shocking, it's baby pink so quite subtle on my hair but obviously the lighter your hair is (ie. platinum) the more pink your hair will be and the darker your hair I would imagine the spray would come out more of a pinky/purple kind of shade. Although I have shown it applied to straight hair, I think this could really work if you curl your hair with irons as you could add the colour and also use the spray as a hair spray to hold your style in place!

This product is amazing for a bit of fun hair colour but without the commitment of it being permanent, it literally washes out after one wash so if you're not keen on it you can just wash it straight out. I think this is a better option than semi-permanent colours as there's still an element of commitment with those whereas with this you could have it in one night and have your hair back natural in the space of time it takes to wash your hair!

Have you ever been tempted to dye your hair a daring colour?



  1. I think this is such a fun product, love the subtle colour <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. haha the caption made me laugh !
    I love how it looks, it looks amazing on you !


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